Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Call

Shelby received her call on July 5, 2013, but was out of town at a family wedding so she didn't open it until July 6, 2013. Family and friends gathered at her Aunt Gena's house to watch her open it. Other family members witnessed the opening using Skype. Thank goodness for technology that allowed so many people to participate.

Finally the moment that we had been waiting for arrived and Shelby opened her call. She read the heading at the top of the letter, including the address of the church, which brought a few laughs from those watching. She began reading the call and as soon as we heard Mexico, everyone began cheering and we didn't hear the actual place at first. As she read through the letter, many tears started to fall as she embraced the spirit of the call. Shelby finished and then someone asked where in Mexico. Her call is to the Mexico Pachuca Mission. The mission is one of the new missions announced by the church earlier this year, in fact it the mission just opened at the end of June.

Pachuca is the capital city of the state of Hildago, Mexico
Mexico Pachuca Mission boundries


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