Monday, September 29, 2014

The Shirt Off My Own Back

What a unique and powerful week. I can’t believe that it’s over well there’s no use looking back. We had divisions with the sister training leaders and I was freaking out because it’s hard to plan back up plans when your companion doesn't know any of the people yet. But the day went pretty bomb. I walked 3 hours in the area Progresso with Sis. Defranco from the CCM. We walked so much because they closed down the main road where the combis pass and there was a huge protest thing and people camped out. We arrived in the combi and got out and people started running after the combi to get on and the combi did a Uie real fast, hit the curb and floored it. With wide eyes we looked at each other as only one can when two white girls are in the middle of a Mexican riot-protest, we were like we are stuck here oh no!! We did get home though don’t worry. We had fun and we talked like no bodies business and then we were like why are we so talkative? And it’s because we miss English. I am probably going to vomit stories about billions of things when I get home.  This is a picture of 15 de Septiembre.
I was all over the colors; my companion wasn't nearly as excited. I just wanted to blend in so people would think I was from here. hehe. We found two less active young women this week and from contacting a castle. It’s like a place to rent for parties but it’s been closed down for years and my companion Sis. Gonzalez wanted to contact here and yeah I enjoyed making puns about rescuing the princesses. They were baptized when they were 8 and 10 and they don’t know anything and we invited them to the baptism of Yaneli and the women’s conference and one of them came and she though it was really cool and beautiful. One of our investigators finally came to church Irma Lopez and it was funny she just kind of nodded and agreed with everything. We taught the gospel principles class and one sister was sharing a bunch of experiences she has had with family History and yeah I was getting lost and this investigator doesn’t even know what a temple is...I was praying a lot. I got to lead the hymns in sacrament meeting and my companion gave a bomb talk on obedience. I have been progressing in my personal goals and we have also had a lot more success this week, there is still a lot of room for improvement duh were representatives of Jesus Christ how will we ever live up to that? But I try and I feel good. I really appreciate all the inspired letters from my beautiful Aunt Gena and Aunt Tiffany your letters are my rock on hard days. There is a super weird festival thing going on and it’s like 2 weeks long and last night there was a Catholic parade of a bunch of people!! It was sort of weird because idols creep me out especially Catholic ones and they had a bunch of them on sticks. Kind of like saint Fransico cabobs. Oh yeah The Baptism so Friday we talked with President and he said we’d put a program together for the baptism and we also talked to our neighbor whose son was in charge of filling up the baptism font and getting things ready BUT we came to see president when he said to stop by and his wife said that he was in another city and would be back super late and also the brother to fill up the font was also out of town and we couldn't get a hold of him and then Yaneli´s brother Fernando didn't want to baptize her and then the sister training leaders said that for their baptism last week there were no clothes in the closet where they normally are. And we were like GREAT well see what happens tomorrow we didn't know who would get the water ready who would talk in the baptism or what the program was and we didn't know who would baptize Yaneli and we didn’t know if there were any baptism clothes. We called and talked to everyone we could without any straight answers. We got there at 5 o'clock and everything was ready there were lots of ward members, there was a program and clothes and someone to baptize Yaneli we took a photo and she was baptized and sucked a bunch of water up her nose because she was a little nervous but super happy afterwords too. The baptism went so good her brother talked about faith and repentance and then another talk by Mario the second counselor about the ordinance and the Holy Ghost. Yaneli was super intent and I know that she is in it for the long haul she has made her decision and has had a lot of time to think and pray and she has a testimony. I thought a lot about my baptism and they determination I had when I was baptized to remain clean and to follow Jesus Christ my decision is still firm and I felt the spirit testifying to me of the importance of baptism to our Heavenly Father. Afterword the women’s conference was spectacular. I loved the emphasis of temples in our lives and the strength I gained personally from the conference and the impressions I received of some of the things we all need to be constant in in our lives. Sunday I was a little sad because Dennisse at the last minute went with her aunt to work the whole day. We have got to get the commandments down with this child. She has little support right now at home, but don’t worry were going to get her ready, she is a very reverent and special girl. We had the confirmation of Yaneli and the rest of Sunday Fernando and Yaneli gave us chocolate kisses it was super thoughtful. We had a huge announcement something that has been waited for for 14 some years. Tlahuelilpan is now going to beginning assisting its own place in Tlahuelilpan it has been super hard sacrifice for many to come all the way to Mixquiahuala but now were going to have our meetings here close to everyone and we can bring our investigators more easily and I just wanted to cry and shout for Joy!! Well that’s all right...oh yeah the caption I put : The shirt off my own back is because in the baptism of Yaneli. Her dress was super transparent we had white pants to put under but no shirt and I happened to have a white shirt on so I gave her my shirt. hehe I just thought it was funny because you always hear that expression I’d give you the shirt off my own back and I had the great honor. Until next week Enjoy conference ALL of It!! :)

Love, Hermana Mleynek

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Longest Letter I've Written So Far

Another week and I honestly don't know where the days went. I had the goal to write in my journal everyday and it seemed like I sat down every night to write and I was like Whoa its Thursday! haha anyway this week was interesting with little scares and lots and lots of Joy. The best thing that happened was that we had 8 people promise to come to church which gave us a lot of hope because the past two weeks no one said that they would come apart from Dennisse and Yaneli. Pero, the other 6 people didn't come I just felt so excited but I guess its not their time yet I thought it would have been so great since we were teaching about families in church and there is a couple who have problems in their marriage and other stuff too. Yaneli has made leeps of progress. She is so strong in the gospel is reading and praying more than her brother who is a recent convert. She even wrote a talk to share in sacrament meeting and she shared it with us and it was super deep. She studies all sources from the church. She is a gifted write I was so impressed. Also Denise seems to be progressing a little bit slower but her example is so beautiful how reverent she is in Sacrament meeting. The members help a lot with our investigators.

Our branch has been suffering because members that assist the other ward belong to our branch but haven't come and we don't have members to fulfill a bunch of calling but this week one family moved over and one of them is a jovensita or young woman. I know that because of the diligence of the members the Lords is answering their prayers. I know He has His own time and that He answers according to our OBEDIENCE. Our branch is such a good example and experts in fellowshiping they welcome and befriend all they bring such a sweet spirit. We have been trying super hard to get the people to the church and the Lord is providing ways but were not going to know how close the Lord is willing to come if we don't act first. I have a billion and one specific stories but no time to share all.

So last week I totally took pictures of some stuff but I keep having bad luck with the computers one week there was no adapter to connect my camera and this week I remembered my cord and my computer wont read it oh well. Today we have a super awesome zone activity planned I am lucking forward to it. se llama carneasado carne=meat so I think its a BBQ I hope there is pie :) I have so been craving your pie Micah as November is just around the corner!

I have 3 funny stories about my companion and one about myself. There is a song that says "No parace si si" and to me it sounds like "Nopales si si" which are cactuses that people eat here. And I always sing it when we pass by cactus that are nopales and anyway my companion always makes this face like No and your crazy but I think its funny AND the other day during exercise we were listening to an English  CD and it said a word and it sounded like another English word to her and she chuckled like it was the same thing and I was like HA! You do it too!  #2 We were looking for a reference and we passed into a field to get to a house that was a little bit uh...I can only think of how to say it in Spanish. Anyway the woman came out and my companion was like Oh Hi Janet and she was oh Hi how are you and then we figured out that she didn't know us and we were like oops do you know a different Janet and then she told us where to go but she asked us how did you get back here our neighbors dog in front is super aggressive and always barks and bites people who approach and then her husband came out and said the same thing and we introduced ourselves and he said that we must have God with us and we made an appointment with them Yay! #3 my companion has shared with me a lot of funny songs she likes from a program about puppets. I think their awesome I don't judge. One of them is super funny if you know Spanish.Well until next time. I love you all.
-Hermanan Mleynek

Monday, September 15, 2014

Shakira songs in English?

Greetings for the state of Hidalgo,
I don’t know why I always dread writing this letter. I always feel like I won’t have anything to say or you all are going to think me and my mission are soo boring :P hehe I just want you all to know how happy I am. Life is so precious and the quality of it is determined by our choices. What we do and don’t do affect everyone. Being with my companion has made me realize the importance of being loving and forgiving. I love my companion but I am having a hard time showing it, but she says she appreciates that I am always positive and happy. When we get stressed it affects our relationships. I have to work on being more loving. I hope you all can take this challenge with me and we can share how it went. Well I am way more comfortable in my area this week. Our area covers 6 neighborhoods and 5 other towns! Juan Doe, Tinaco, Teltipan, Munitepec and Cero de la cruz. They are small towns but still ya! It is such a miracle that I know where I am going but before my last companion left me she told I am sorry that we never went to all the towns of our area and I was like What?! She said that she was lost a lot of the time but pretended like she knew where we were and I totally believed her and I've tried doing the same with my new companion Sis Gonzalez and it’s worked for the most part and now she knows where she’s going for the most part. I made pancakes this morning and after cleaning the house I got the shakes pretty bad. I suspect I have problems with my blood sugar because if I don’t eat I feel pretty week. Other miracles: we have two investigators progressing one baptism month is for Yaneli (21) and 1 the next month Dennisse (9). They are super great! I am much more submerged this week. Last week things like music and movies were really drawing my attention but this week I could care less and that’s good because one block from our house there is a huge music festival! I love Mexican music la Verdad! I so am not native speaking yet but I enjoy speaking and praying, teaching a little bit less because I still can’t get past tense down. Uh but I found out that I have a skill for translating. Sister Egbert was talking to my companion and I and I could translate everything into Spanish. Afterword my companion told me a story how her other American comp couldn’t translate anything but she speaks better than I do. Ni modo! T= OH well. Well our time is about up! Viva México! Today and tomorrow is going to be crazy. I’m going to take lots of photos if I get the chance! haha other funny story really quick we were waiting for the combi and two Africans past by and they were speaking in African and my companion literally bent over pointing at them with her head sticking out the window and said Look. I had already seen them but in American we tend not to point out other races color and nationality too much so I didn't make a spectacle of it but it was super funny her reaction. I was like stop pointing because I know how they must feel. Here when I pass by everyone says Guera (pronounced Wera) and it’s because I’m white. It’s nicer than saying gringo but I guess black people are even more uncommon. Well on that spiritual note I must go. Have a great week everyone. I love you all and I love the Lord. Remember Christlike love is the greatest need we have on this planet; we can change the world with righteousness!
Paz y amor,
Hermana Mleynek

Monday, September 8, 2014

Safe and Happy

Hola uno y todos,

Dear Family, friends and other people

First of all I hope all is well and that we are still brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope that we are keeping our spiritual battery charged so that we can have the supply we need to get through rough times. Because...rough times will always come. God asks us to do the simple things so that he can help us get through them and we can build our faith and testimony in Him. But if we are not prepared and we face the difficulties of life with an almost dead battery we will get overheated and then die spiritually and that’s just no fun. I have learned that the atonement is for doing better as well as correcting mistakes. My Savior Jesus Christ has helped me through some rough times. I thought it was almost impossible to change certain things about myself and I bet I am not the only one who feels that way sometimes but I can honestly say that I have changed. Maybe not like Wow changes but I feel different inside and I have become something new. I always like to think about the words we use in the church our vocabulary, and how sometimes we don’t fully understand some things. Like conversion I always thought of it as having a testimony and doing things out of conviction and faith. Conversion converts our heart meaning it changes us and it also changes the way we think. This is something small, beautiful and necessary in my life and I am grateful for the life long process of conversion that I am going through and that some I know are just beginning. As we have worked with various families and investigators I am enlivened by their testimony and I have more desire to do things that are right, now and forever. I have a testimony but I don’t know the meaning of all things but I will go and do the things to Lord commands. If you have a testimony, Wonderful! Strengthen it, and rely on the savior so you can be converted to Him that when He comes again we will be like Him. This is not a night and day thing. I love this gospel I know it is true with all my heart. Through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel all mankind may be saved. I know that God loves me and the Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet. It is my prayer that we can never lose hope and that we can never doubt Gods perfect plan for every one of us. I love you all. Stay safe and happy!
Hermana Mleynek

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week Who Knows

Well hello there,
:) Greetings from Mexico. Everyone here is super excited because September is there month to celebrate their country! I hope you are all doing fannnntastic! I am super extra happy this week I have no idea why but I have good news! We finally have an investigator progressing! The story begins about 3 weeks ago on a bus. I was giving a lesson and I asked if someone would like to give the prayer and one woman said yes and so she gave the prayer and the we passed pall all the passengers to contact them and guess what...she is a member inactive and we asked for her name and direction but she was like maybe one day you can visit and she was gone poof. So we went visiting with Sis. Mascoro she’s amazing ward missionary and we visited this woman and we were like You! hahaha diabolically laughing that  God is smarter than the in actives who hide from us. But anyway she was actually happy for the visit. I could feel the spirit telling me to show her lots of love and she shared with us that she felt bad but being a single mom of 4 she has to work and her work start at 11 on Sundays. We told her that it was okay and that we loved her and that we wanted her daughter to learn and prepare for baptism and Dennisse (9 years old) was all on board. And she went to church this Sunday and had a super awesome time and we talked with her and she wants all her family to go. She has a light inside of her that is really special I know that she will make a big difference in her family and that God loves them so much.

Other stuff: My companion has transfers so tomorrow I’ll have a new companion. I feel like crying, and actually did cry. I have grown really close to Sis. Molina. She is a wonderful person I love and will miss her. I am ready to work as always and am looking forward to the struggle of trying to get around and maybe training again...we’ll see. I am grateful for this time dedicated to the Lord because I have grown closer to Him as well and he helps and supports me in my trials. This week Lupita and her kids were at the church whoo! They didn't have money last week to go but they pulled through this week and I am super grateful. Something new: I can’t remember what a fast food restaurant looks like, I wash my clothes by hand, I love Mexican candy and salsa, I like teaching and speaking in public, my hair is longer. Things that are the same: I am trying to be like Jesus, I love you all and I am praying for you all. Adventures hmm...One sister named Isaura recently moved back to Mexico and we have been visiting her because she was just baptized well a lot of her family members are super prepared to receive the gospel and she is an excellent missionary so I know that she is here for a reason and other thing that’s cool is that I had a dream of meeting her in the chapel before she came here. God has a plan and it’s so exciting I love it! Keep on keeping on, may the force be with you, namely the Holy Ghost :)

The photo is of a tiny motorcycle and that’s it nothing particularly special.

Lots of of Love,
Hermana Mleynek