Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy to be a Missionary

I am totally losing my luster, if I ever had it, for creating subject titles. Well I feel super amazing in our area. I still can’t figure out where everything is but I am hoping soon I’ll be familiar will all of it. I am super happy to be a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. We have an amazing new family to teach and all three of them accepted a baptismal date and can’t wait to go to church. They are very humble and sincerely looking for the truth- lucky for them they found it. I am so happy to be front and center watching the Lords work roll forth. Even the 7 year old accepted a baptismal date but were not going to count it officially until she turns 8 in August. I absolutely love this family and am soo in awe at the peaceful power the gospel brings into people’s lives. I know this will change their life forever and mine too. Sometimes I’m unorganized and tired and forgetful but when I try to follow the spirit there is always a payoff. This is because the Lord knows us perfectly and knows what we can do even if we don’t. My companions and I are sooo different but we complement each other really well. I am learning and growing as a missionary from them. They are super special sisters and I love them. Sis. Gerrero reminds me soo much of Shalea, especially when she prays in an angelic voice. On the other hand Sis. Nuñez is a spicy fireball who’s all about work and I am the funny dork that creates the balance because they both have someone to laugh at. I feel super comfortable in a trio. I am going to work 100x harder this week and we have baptisms planned for every Saturday in July so we are going to pray...A Lot! Thank you for your love, prayers and support. Greetings from Mexico! Lindo y Querido. Peace love and missionary hugs.
-Hermana Mleynek

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Area

Well everyone, I am having a fantastic and very tiring week. There is always something to learn in the mission and I’m excited to do all I can to have success and do the work in my new area: Villas de Pachuca. This stake is the best for sure we have two other Elders that work with us in the same area. Our district is amazing I love it! My companions are great. Sister Nuñez is from Argentina and she’s a punk rock star who is so excited to have 2 American companions to teach her English. She loves to work hard but I think what I will have to teach her is to suck it up because she gets "sick" every day. I’m so cruel when it comes to illnesses because that’s what my trainer sister Cebreros taught me. it doesn't matter if you can’t eat, you can’t walk and you have diarrhea and can’t understand anyone or say anything we are going to go to work. So were working on that ;) I have yet to take a sick day for myself but every one of my companions has had to take a couple hours or so. She’s amazing at contacting and teaching with great power and love. I am so excited to know her and see where she goes in life. Sister Gererro is amazing bubbly prom queen. Seriously she showed me some photos but turns out we have a lot in common. She has a lot of excitement to learn. I’m the senior companion in this trio and my companions call me their cool aunt because I’m the one with experience and they love me because I make their beds and breakfast. But seriously we are the Power Puff Missionaries.

I love my ward and we are going to work miracles here. I feel it in my bones. I have so much to learn and I couldn't be more excited and optimistic to do it. I love Mexico and my Family.

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day and didn't forget to say a special prayer for our Father in Heaven as well. Thank you for your prayers they get me through.

Oh update so Oscar is 10 years old and he is reading the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized. He has good support in His home because his family had hard times but the church and following the commandments and listening to the missionaries helped their family a ton so his older sister, mom and grandma are members. They have a cute little boy who had a bad accident and they have had to operate a bunch of times on his brain but he is seriously adorable. He gave me an egg from their fridge. haha. Well, we are praying for Marta to get baptized she thinks she’s a member but hasn't been baptized. Susana is an amazing investigator who is super ready but she just has to go to church a couple times. This week we talked to loads of people and got to know the ward and area. We found two new investigators on our own and 2 others from references. I am practically fluent. mas o menos.(more or less) Sorry I can’t spell.

The most amazing thing about this week was getting to know my companions teaching by the spirit and our ward council. The ward council from our ward is the Bomb.com!! They are so awesome and we focus together to help build the missionary work. The bishop takes us to pick up our investigators. I am super happy and feel like my district is my family. And Sis. Shuckle from the CCM is a sister training leader and I love her!!! Wow I am so happy to get to know so many amazing hermanas. I know I am going to for sure visit Sis. Gererro because she is from Sacramento, California and it’s not too far. I don’t know if I will be able to visit Argentina. :( but there is always Facebook later.

Well I can’t think of much more well except that our house leaks gas and one night it was leaking a lot and we were afraid we were going to die so the we called our Elders and they told us to climb on the roof and shut off all the valves including our water. That was fun. The elders were telling sis. Nuñez what to do and she was explaining to me in Spanish I was looking up words so I could explain to Sis. Gerrero in English because she was the one on the roof. But we got it all figured it out.
I love you all thank you for the letters. I was just wondering if you could send me my other clothes I have for the summer time. I have practically all sweaters and thick dark skirts.  I’m dying a bit.
Hermana Mleynek

New Companions

Monday, June 9, 2014

I know it. I live it. I love it.

Well I have changes! This week I made two scarfs for me and my companion and we got loads of compliments :) my companion loves when I make funny faces she looks at them at night and laughs at me but I love it too. I feel super optimistic about being a trainer again...but I feel a bit scared and sad to leave my area I am going to miss the ward and also our converts. I hope that Raul and Angel and Jesus and Daniel get baptized. There is so much happening but I've learned and I've taught and it’s time to learn and teach with new peoples. I am loving being a missionary every single day of my life. I feel so good sharing the gospel and doing what my Father in Heaven wants me to do. I have learned to love with a great capacity and I am learning to be brave. I know I can trust my Father in Heaven with everything. I still have lots of trials and weaknesses but I’m super grateful for them. I know that God wants us all to be successful in life. This is the best 18 months of my life I hope you can all catch the wave and share the gospel of Jesus Christ like a trumpet. I know Jesus Christ lives and he will come again. I know my covenants tie me back to God and that keeping them gives me power. I know this church is true and is led and directed by Thomas S. Monson today a living prophet. I know it. I live it. I love it. Wherever you are on the path know that He knows you, He lives and He loves you. It’s something very small in comparison to what Jesus Christ gave but we can all follow His example and gain Eternal Life. Smile at someone and say hello with the genuine intent to be their friend World peace one family at a time.

Peace, Love and Missionary Hugs

Sister Mleynek
Hermana Mleynek

Monday, June 2, 2014

Great Week

Dear Peeps
Great Week this week except we keep having the same problem. We find new people, we teach them they accept a baptism date and then they don’t come to church! People come on...

Yeah so highlights:

1: Baptism of Gabriel, it was super great he was all in a suit and tie and everything but we forgot to tell him to bring a towel...ooops :) He has such a strong disposition to do what is right. He’s learning very quickly but he’s going to need a lot of support because he hardly has anyone in his life. He said how grateful he is to start this new life after his baptism and to have his ward family. I am so happy for him to find peace and joy. I wish many great things for him. It is amazing to see how people who have hearts to feel and eyes to see the influence of God in their life can change and give so much to feel His love. I don’t know if there is a more powerful or beautiful feeling than the Love of God.

2: Missionary Activity. We had a Museo de Cera or wax museum which really is people standing really still and it was all about the History of the Church. We had a lot of people say how much they liked it and we have 35 new referrals. Sorry nobody took any pictures but it was seriously epic and I was so excited people were listening to us.

3: Haha I got a marriage proposal well...I guess this isn't a highlight but it was pretty funny/ embarrassing. Well so we were cleaning the baptismal font for the baptism and while it was filling with water we went to make copies of something and when we were coming back this guy named Allan was kind of staring into the open gate of the church so we invited him to come see and he said sure! Well Allan was super cool and spiritual, he’s catholic but doesn't believe in worshiping the saints and he knows a super lot about the earthly ministry of Christ and the church Christ established. He likes the doctrine of the Mormons. The Christians and his Catholic Church think we should all form together into one. We tried to explain how great an idea that was and how we have a prophet and that this is the only true church etc...we invited him to church and took his information. And as we were escorting him out he asked if I could marry Him. :) but then Allan came with his brother and cousin to the missionary activity and the missionaries giving the tour were super impressed with him so Hopefully he becomes a legit investigator. I believe he could be a future 70 or something if he converts.

4: Our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon. As a mission we finished the Book of Mormon this past week and my testimony of the role the Book of Mormon plays in conversion really was strengthened. I know me and my companion are planting many seeds for others to come to the knowledge and eternal happiness the gospel can bring. I love the Book of Mormon I know it is true and the most powerful testimony of Jesus Christ that we have on the Earth at this time. I know the people in the Book of Mormon also exist. I know they wrote what they wrote for us to have today. We have investigators named Raul and Orlando and I can just tell their faith is building in the Lord Jesus Christ every time we open that precious book. It is the key to our religion and a rock and sure testimony. The Holy Ghost bears record of the words of Christ. Fill your spirit until you have a perfect hope in Christ and a love for God and your fellow man. 2 Nephi 31.

5: We’re going to go play soccer- football with our Zone in a minute
Love You ALL thank you for your letters and updates from home they bring a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. :) Peace, Love and missionary Hugs

Hermana Mleynek

So this is Daniel our new convert he always has a serious face but he is not super serious so we took pictures smiling for once ;) he goes with us to visit less actives and even helps in the lessons and gives his testimony. He wants to serve a mission!! He went on a camping trip with the young men this week end. Me and my companion had rotten luck and were in the combi solo with no one to talk to so we took a couple pictures. Later we did contact some peoples and the driver :)

Our baptism of Gabriel was super spiritual and wonderful. Not many members came but we are hopeful about the future of this strong new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints :)  The other pic is of me and my companion waiting for our meeting with our mission leader.