Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy to be a Missionary

I am totally losing my luster, if I ever had it, for creating subject titles. Well I feel super amazing in our area. I still can’t figure out where everything is but I am hoping soon I’ll be familiar will all of it. I am super happy to be a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. We have an amazing new family to teach and all three of them accepted a baptismal date and can’t wait to go to church. They are very humble and sincerely looking for the truth- lucky for them they found it. I am so happy to be front and center watching the Lords work roll forth. Even the 7 year old accepted a baptismal date but were not going to count it officially until she turns 8 in August. I absolutely love this family and am soo in awe at the peaceful power the gospel brings into people’s lives. I know this will change their life forever and mine too. Sometimes I’m unorganized and tired and forgetful but when I try to follow the spirit there is always a payoff. This is because the Lord knows us perfectly and knows what we can do even if we don’t. My companions and I are sooo different but we complement each other really well. I am learning and growing as a missionary from them. They are super special sisters and I love them. Sis. Gerrero reminds me soo much of Shalea, especially when she prays in an angelic voice. On the other hand Sis. Nuñez is a spicy fireball who’s all about work and I am the funny dork that creates the balance because they both have someone to laugh at. I feel super comfortable in a trio. I am going to work 100x harder this week and we have baptisms planned for every Saturday in July so we are going to pray...A Lot! Thank you for your love, prayers and support. Greetings from Mexico! Lindo y Querido. Peace love and missionary hugs.
-Hermana Mleynek

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