Monday, June 2, 2014

Great Week

Dear Peeps
Great Week this week except we keep having the same problem. We find new people, we teach them they accept a baptism date and then they don’t come to church! People come on...

Yeah so highlights:

1: Baptism of Gabriel, it was super great he was all in a suit and tie and everything but we forgot to tell him to bring a towel...ooops :) He has such a strong disposition to do what is right. He’s learning very quickly but he’s going to need a lot of support because he hardly has anyone in his life. He said how grateful he is to start this new life after his baptism and to have his ward family. I am so happy for him to find peace and joy. I wish many great things for him. It is amazing to see how people who have hearts to feel and eyes to see the influence of God in their life can change and give so much to feel His love. I don’t know if there is a more powerful or beautiful feeling than the Love of God.

2: Missionary Activity. We had a Museo de Cera or wax museum which really is people standing really still and it was all about the History of the Church. We had a lot of people say how much they liked it and we have 35 new referrals. Sorry nobody took any pictures but it was seriously epic and I was so excited people were listening to us.

3: Haha I got a marriage proposal well...I guess this isn't a highlight but it was pretty funny/ embarrassing. Well so we were cleaning the baptismal font for the baptism and while it was filling with water we went to make copies of something and when we were coming back this guy named Allan was kind of staring into the open gate of the church so we invited him to come see and he said sure! Well Allan was super cool and spiritual, he’s catholic but doesn't believe in worshiping the saints and he knows a super lot about the earthly ministry of Christ and the church Christ established. He likes the doctrine of the Mormons. The Christians and his Catholic Church think we should all form together into one. We tried to explain how great an idea that was and how we have a prophet and that this is the only true church etc...we invited him to church and took his information. And as we were escorting him out he asked if I could marry Him. :) but then Allan came with his brother and cousin to the missionary activity and the missionaries giving the tour were super impressed with him so Hopefully he becomes a legit investigator. I believe he could be a future 70 or something if he converts.

4: Our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon. As a mission we finished the Book of Mormon this past week and my testimony of the role the Book of Mormon plays in conversion really was strengthened. I know me and my companion are planting many seeds for others to come to the knowledge and eternal happiness the gospel can bring. I love the Book of Mormon I know it is true and the most powerful testimony of Jesus Christ that we have on the Earth at this time. I know the people in the Book of Mormon also exist. I know they wrote what they wrote for us to have today. We have investigators named Raul and Orlando and I can just tell their faith is building in the Lord Jesus Christ every time we open that precious book. It is the key to our religion and a rock and sure testimony. The Holy Ghost bears record of the words of Christ. Fill your spirit until you have a perfect hope in Christ and a love for God and your fellow man. 2 Nephi 31.

5: We’re going to go play soccer- football with our Zone in a minute
Love You ALL thank you for your letters and updates from home they bring a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. :) Peace, Love and missionary Hugs

Hermana Mleynek

So this is Daniel our new convert he always has a serious face but he is not super serious so we took pictures smiling for once ;) he goes with us to visit less actives and even helps in the lessons and gives his testimony. He wants to serve a mission!! He went on a camping trip with the young men this week end. Me and my companion had rotten luck and were in the combi solo with no one to talk to so we took a couple pictures. Later we did contact some peoples and the driver :)

Our baptism of Gabriel was super spiritual and wonderful. Not many members came but we are hopeful about the future of this strong new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints :)  The other pic is of me and my companion waiting for our meeting with our mission leader.

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