Saturday, March 22, 2014

1st Transfer

Hola Familia y Amigos
Hay muchos cosas nuevo y tengo mucho emocion por la exito en mi area. Yay! Cambios :) Audios mi primer area. (There are many new things and have much excitement for the success in my area.) Yay! Changes Audios my first area :) I am going to miss a lot of people but my time here is complete. I have no idea whats going to happen tomorrow but I do know 1. It´s the Lord´s will La voluntad de Dios (The will of God) and 2. It´s going to be a pain...literally I have a lot of stuff and I have to carry it all :( Oh well I´m getting really used to the little aches and pains and they don´t bother me anymore.) Although last night I had weirdo dreams and I woke myself and my companion up talking about two of our new investigators. She says I´m getting way good at teaching lessons in all Spanish in my sleep. Hehe.

Yeah but really exciting news. This week we found a new family it was a reference from the Elders and we taught them some English and they totally love us and then we taught them about the Book of Mormon and invited them to an activity and to tour the church and they came and love it. They have baptisms dates for the 13th of April if everything goes really well. I really love this family they are amazing and super cool. After church they asked if they could play football (soccer) with me and my companion today but we told them probably not because there are a thousand and 5 things to do before transfers. Were teaching them tonight WHOohoo!

Ary is being baptized this Saturday and I´m going to miss it :( that´s the way the cookie crumbles but she's super ready no stress. I almost had a heart attack this Saunday when I thought the first counselor was going to forget to announce her baptism but he didn't. Note: the word for heart attack is super hilarious in Spanish. Look it up :)

Pachuca is so weird everyday has all four seasons. It´s hot then windy and cold and then rainy. Tango uno mas foto para unsted es. I love the missionaries aqui en Pachuca. My district was super cool it started off with just me and Elder Reece and now we're the two in transfers. I am loving every moment. I can´t believe how lucky I am that I never get sick. I mean there are definitely days I do not feel well but I have yet to get sick sick. My companion is a hypochondriac. Her mom is a doctor and we're always running to the pharmacy or she´ll die. :)

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. Lots of hugs and side cheek kisses because actually you do that here and it will be very hard to stop that habit. Keep up your individual endeavors of missionary work and tell me how it goes. Si se puede!!!

I'm Afraid to Rest

I am not sure why it is always so difficult for me to write. Well I´m having a fabulous day even though I secretly dread preperation day. Why you may ask? The reason is that I´m afraid to rest because I think I will become acustomed to it and it will be dificult to get back to work...but actually today was awesome, productive and relaxing AND I´m ready to get back to work. Or in the propios palabras de BobasSpongas "Estoy Listo, Estoy Listo!" :)

So we have been a lot more organized this week. Last week I was on my knees a lot trying because the deepest desire of my heart was to strengthen and help our ward and I was feeling super stressed. Monday we met with the nephew of one of our old investigators and he has a lot of sincere desire and I honestly believe it´s his time so we have been in contact and trying to meet with Daniel. We also had a Noche de Hogar planned for a family we met in the street and taught on one other ocasion. When we got there he was about the walk out the door and said He was so sorry he didn´t have our number to tell us but he had to go to the Dentist. We tried finding about 4 other people and then on our way home we saw him again and he started talking to us about the Dentist. Anyway...I´m not sure how it happened but aparently I told him that he could kiss me. He just looked at my companion and said you should probably tell her what she said. My companion told me and I was mortafied. But luckly he knew I had no idea and just was like hasta luego. AWWW!

We have been meeting with Ary and she is so precious and ready for baptism. We taught her the first lessons and she is reading the whole Book of Mormon with her family and mother. We contacted a crazy lady and looked for one investigator every stinkin day for 2 weeks. He is hiding from us we are pretty sure. Lucky for him we are very diligent missionaries. Margaritas life continues to be drama drama drama. This week it´s about her father in law and her neighbors mother in law and possible a dog or clown...just kidding about the last part. Sorry if I sound exasperated. Miracles happen! The husband of a MA we just stopped by and he was there and he just tells us all about how much he loves the spirit of the church and is sad he can never go and only has 4 more years of his work schedules Sundays and then he wants to join the church. Were going to work with Him and have an appointment later today. I always thought he wanted nothing to do with the church. The ward council was shocked by this news too. Another husband of a less active member invited us to eat at his restaurant tomorrow too so we are hoping he is interested too.

Work continues to be the spiritual death of Mexico. Wow that´s a dramatic statment...We also had a weird lesson with the friend of a young man in our ward who helps us a lot. But we both had a funny feeling after and no one could concentrate in the lesson so...not sure about that. We have contacted more people and hope that things will start picking up.

I´m so grateful for the spiritual leaders in the mission that work so hard. I know this is the Lord's work and I just need to be receptive to the spirit to guide us to who is ready and what they need to hear. Weakness and humility are a powerful tool the Lord uses to bring about His works and miracles in other lives.

Today we went to the Mall it was bizarre I had subway and the Chesse Ruffles were spicy my companion told me no, because the Ruffles were just Cheese flavor but I testify to you all that Mexicans add spice to everything....everything and I know that those Ruffles had chile or something...I liked it I´m not complaining I just want you to know. Also my whole district took a taxi to the mall there are 7 of us my companion is sending me to picture and I´ll fwd it to yall :) and we got a reference out of it the taxista Javier was very nice and turns out his dad was a member but died many years ago. Small world :) no such things as coincidences. Love you all.
-Hermana Mleynek

Work is the Devil

Wow Time Flies by so sooooooo quickly there never seems to be time for anything and that scares me some, because I want our investigators to progress and then Sunday comes along and none of them are in Church. Work is the Devil because it´s the reason none of them came, they had Work. Bleh! Except Margarita. She´s having a time of it though, everyday is an emotional roller coaster but she is so consistent coming the church. She really is quite special, very in tune with the spirit. I have high hopes for others but they just need to understand the significance of church and gain a testimony then were good to go with a baptism. Why is life so busy, no one takes the time to listen to the needs of their soul. I don´t believe life is that complicated we make it that way.

Well trying to stay positive there are new prospects every day. I have been practicing contacting people in the combies and street and it´s very effective. I have not been turned down once...the problem is that not ONE person lives in our area, we always have to give the reference to someone else. I believe in the power of prayer and their is a lot more to it then just asking for something. If you can align your will with God's that's when miracles start happening. I know there are people I need to find and if I can pray to do God's will. He will help me, it´s a matter of humility and work and more work.

I love it I really do, I am in another world entirely. I have forgotten what life was all about before. I know I am going to be one of those RMs who has no purpose in life when they get home and always tries to go out with the missionaries.

As I am developing the skills I need to find and teach people the gospel my desire to have people progress has increased tremendously. I guess I need to be more patient. This work is simply amazing, there are not baptisms left and right but I am working harder then I can even believe. My feet carry me places and we work so much!

This Saturday we had a ward picnic and there were 7 investigators! I didn't know any better before but our ward is pretty small :( we're trying to change that. Hope I´ll have more amazing things to tell you next week.Sorry I don´t have any pictures. Love you ALL.

-Hermana Mleynek

PS: The Power Puff Girls- Chicas Super Poderosas: Bonbòn. burbuja y bellota which doesn´t translate the same it means marshmallow, bubble and acorn hehe! :)