Monday, March 30, 2015

Companion Transfer

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Dear Family and Friends,
I have had a wonderful week. My companion, Sis. Peñaloza, has transfers and will finally be leaving after 7.5 months here in Ojo de Agua. She is so happy and nervous. I am praying a lot for her. I will also miss her she has been my longest companion in all my mission 4.5 months. This will also be my longest area 6 months. I have always been a person excited about new things whether is dipping my pizza crust in root bear, cleaning a baptismal font, decorating agendas, or eating chili habanero I am always excited to try it, because it lets me learn. I am grateful for my parents who have inspired me to learn and to take life for what it is a beautiful journey. This week as I testified more frequently of the atonement of Jesus Christ I felt the presence of Him testifying to others that He really lives and is here with us always in every moment. I know it is true because He is always here for me in my mission. I pray that I can always remember Him so I can have His spirit to be with me and that I can know what to do because every moment They need Him and I need to be His disciple. This is true for all of us. I invite you to ponder the atonement in your life and to never give up because the atonement rescues all of humanity through obedience to the laws and ordinances of His gospel. I am excited to have one more cycle to and work!! I have felt your prayers and am grateful for your love and faith. I am grateful for the gospel it has given me a new life and a new heart, or direction and I know that these things are true. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Les amo,
Hermana Mleynek

Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptism por fin!!!

Hola a Todos,
Tuesday we worked and saw Daniela when she off handedly told us that she wanted to be baptized. We were like Okay!! Where do we sign?  We got everything ready and finished teaching her. We contacted references and people in the street. Wednesday we had the district class and later my companion and I did divisions so that she could fill out the baptism form with Daniela and I could teach my English class. There were lots of people and it was fun. Thursday we bought the headband thing that Daniela is wearing in the picture and we had an appointment to visit this Mechanic and his wife he told us that he was a little worried because his wife is the jealous type and boy was he right she was staring daggers at us. I didn't know whether to smile or run away. Friday it rained a little and we had weekly planning and the day was normal but we made enchiladas because it’s the favorite food of Daniela and we wanted to eat enchiladas after her baptism at 10 am Saturday. Everything went great the members helped us a lot and enjoyed the program. The president of the relief society gave her books for her classes. Her husband who is a member wasn't at her baptism it’s really complicated he went a little off the deep end and isn’t living with her right now. Thankful that didn't impede her baptism she was confirmed Sunday and is super content. I am a little nervous if I have transfers next week because I want to be here a little longer to make sure that she gets very well situated with the members and leaders. I am healthy and happy and working super hard. I am grateful for my life my weaknesses and my strengths my family my friends. I am grateful for trials and the opportunity to love all those is my path. I love the savior and am so grateful that through His love and sacrifice we can be saved. I know that He lives. Remember to share Because He Lives with your friends and families and give the missionaries lots of work.
Hermana Mleynek

:) Daniela!!! 
Well Daniela is just an amazing person one of the most Christ like people I've ever known. We really didn’t have to do much which feels so good. She told us she wanted to be baptized and she’s been coming to church she understands so much doctrine it’s amazing. In Sunday school she explained to everyone the whats and whys of the atonement like she was reading preach my gospel. She’s got some major challenges in her life which is why she wasn't a for sure baptism but with a lot of follow up and prayer we were blessed to have everything ready for her baptism it was quite beautiful and there were lots of people and my companion and I performed a special musical number that made everyone cry. Se hace lo que se puede. jajaja...that’s a way to say yeah were pretty legit. jk!! We were super nervous.  

Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Raining It's Pouring

When it rains it pours. This week has been of emotional whirlwinds and downpours of challenges. But like Nephi when he was tied up on the boat and the storms beat upon their ship and threatened to swallow them up in the sea we need to 1. never stop praying 2. ask for help and strength to get through the hard time 3. love God and stay positive.
I feel super bad for so many people I can’t tell you all with enough details to explain but a lot of our investigators and converts have been suffering some hard things in their lives right now. I know they will receive divine grace and these things ultimately will help them and make them stronger. I am grateful to be here for them right now because I know that these are all just tests from the adversary. I also know that sometime we just cannot understand why sometimes. but I promise you that there is an answer but that’s where faith comes in we need to trust in God in Who He is and His divine attributes and that we are doing everything in our power to follow His precepts, this kind of Faith will give us power to do all things. I know He lives and loves His children nevertheless I don’t know the meaning of all things..Nephi. Well we are planning on having a baptism this week Daniela and Claudia we are not sure what all else they need but we are praying nonstop. Our ward is super excited to work and visit with us. This Saturday we had a ward mission activity and I made brownies and we played games we watched Mormon messages and invited people to come. I am learning the importance of setting and reviewing goals. I've always been a good goal setter but if we diligently review our goals they will become a reality. That’s why I am including a picture of me holding a calendar of pugs because it’s my goals to own pugs they are soooo cute hehe just kidding but I do love them and they make me happy and that’s one of my goals that I am constantly reviewing. What would my HF want me to do? Therefore if I do it...I am happy. yay! This week I got to ride bikes in exchanges with the sister training leaders and my bum really hurt. I am super siked for conference and to continue to declare repentance among my brothers and sisters in Mexico. Chao y cuídense mucho. Les amo,
Hermana Mleynek

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lord Was Taking Control of Our Day

Dear Family and Friends,
This week went very well Monday-Thursday we had nothing, nothing, nothing but with more effort and love yeah the Lord was taking control of our day. A lot of things have happened that have really help me to rely of Him for strength. It’s impossible to do this work without the spirit and the Lord will give us His spirit if we are humble. Well, we had nothing so we said a prayer and tried with a positive attitude to do what we could and finally we have seen some progress. Eva seems to be understanding a little bit more and is still very excited. Claudia is progressing a little slower she has a desire but a lot on her plate. Daniela is by far one of the most admirable people I have ever met with the image of Christ radiates from her but she has the most problems of all. I am so lucky to have been raised in this gospel because it is not always easy for people to strengthen their faith but Daniela really has a lot. We are praying always for her and her husband. In other visits we saw all of the recent converts:  1. David, a recent convert has been getting through his temptations and following the light; 2. Lizeth another convert is staying true to what the spirit has taught her = to read the scriptures and attend all her meetings;  3. Eduardo is working towards worthy and eternal goals and doing it the right way.  I am so impressed by so many of my brothers and sisters here in Mexico who are enduring with happiness to the end. They all have very unique problems but I know that God knows what His children need to learn and grow. I am trying to serve as Jesus did and remember that I too need to overcome and confront my own battles daily to learn and grow. I am trying not to fall into temptations because I have seen how a life and soul can be built up or destroyed based on decisions and attitude. The natural man is an enemy to God. I know God loves all His children I feel His love on a daily basis for me and for our investigators and for the people who sit next to me in this cyber that I don’t even know yet. He is reaching out to them every second, we must share His gospel. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week and can share in this spirit of the work of salvation. Will you share the gospel?
Hermana Mleynek
1. A picture of the brownies we made, super delicious!
P.S. I’m sorry I never take pictures of anything interesting es que me da flojera.

Letter #2
Want to hear a funny story that’s actually super dumb and probably not that funny...great because I’ve got loads. :)
#1 well we were walking down the street and we saw this giant dog and it’s like a golden retriever and its tail is shaved like a lion and if when he sticks his head down he looks like a lion. So I was like Who let the lion escape from the zoo?! and my companion and I took a picture. My companion says our lives are sad because we are actually excited about perro-león

#2 leaving where we had eaten for the day my companion sticks her foot in a hole and said whoa there’s a hole in the grass and for some reason we started laughing like maniacs and our stomachs really hurt after that.

#3 we had a district activity today and the truth is we were not at all excited we just wanted to sleep today but anyway we went and ate a lot and apparently a sister made us food because she thought she was supposed to give us food that day and she is super strict so we left the activity and had to go eat and now I am super full and sleepy. the moral of the story is that food hates me.

#4 This Sunday I got to talk nerd about the new avengers movies that’s coming out I didn't even know anything about it but now I am super excited to see it.  

That’s all for now.

Monday, March 2, 2015


“Be thou humble and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand and give thee answers to thy prayers.” D&C 112:10 I am so very grateful that this Sunday our investigator Claudia came to church with her tres hijitos three kids. It was super fun trying to distracter her 1 year old by letting eat my agenda and destroy my hymn book. hehe. It’s all for a good cause. Now we have an investigator progression towards baptism her BF is 14 de Marzo This Sunday was dia de la familia. Family Day!! I am so grateful for my earthy and heavenly family and for my patriarchal blessing that helps me understand who I am and why I am here. With the new area change we have been looking to see if some of our new investigators are progressing and we have found a very wonderful new investigator named Eva she wants to come to church and knows a lot about the religion and she doesn’t believe in other religions including her own Catholic but her boyfriend is a member less active and its super, super complicated their story so were not sure if she is able to progress were praying for a miracle. The power of prayer is so important in this work that we humble ourselves before our maker and seek His will and learn from all our experiences and try to do what is right. I’m not perfect but like it’s says in the movie Meet the Mormons I am perfect in trying. Oh yeah our president just showed us the movies 2 hours ago and it’s so beautiful. Life is beautiful even the parts that are a little bit ugly. There is a couple in the movie from Costa Rica and I didn’t even realize when they started speaking in Spanish so I think I’m pretty much fluent. I want to watch a bunch of movies in Spanish now. The gospel is happiness don’t be afraid to share it, the time has come where the missionaries are not the ones responsible in this work it’s the members we need to be brave and we need to share the gospel as if we were sharing the most delicious brownie that never runs out. I am so grateful for faithful members that invite us into their homes that want to work with us and help us and do the work all on their own. Every day we need to share the gospel. Note Happy Birthday Sidney, Grandma Gabbitas, Justin, Brandon and Liz and anyone else who just had a birthday congratulations. Felizidades. I love you all and wish you all a happy week too.

Hermana Mleynek

Note. I'm writing late because the internet in the whole town went out in the afternoon and our president said we could write.