Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Raining It's Pouring

When it rains it pours. This week has been of emotional whirlwinds and downpours of challenges. But like Nephi when he was tied up on the boat and the storms beat upon their ship and threatened to swallow them up in the sea we need to 1. never stop praying 2. ask for help and strength to get through the hard time 3. love God and stay positive.
I feel super bad for so many people I can’t tell you all with enough details to explain but a lot of our investigators and converts have been suffering some hard things in their lives right now. I know they will receive divine grace and these things ultimately will help them and make them stronger. I am grateful to be here for them right now because I know that these are all just tests from the adversary. I also know that sometime we just cannot understand why sometimes. but I promise you that there is an answer but that’s where faith comes in we need to trust in God in Who He is and His divine attributes and that we are doing everything in our power to follow His precepts, this kind of Faith will give us power to do all things. I know He lives and loves His children nevertheless I don’t know the meaning of all things..Nephi. Well we are planning on having a baptism this week Daniela and Claudia we are not sure what all else they need but we are praying nonstop. Our ward is super excited to work and visit with us. This Saturday we had a ward mission activity and I made brownies and we played games we watched Mormon messages and invited people to come. I am learning the importance of setting and reviewing goals. I've always been a good goal setter but if we diligently review our goals they will become a reality. That’s why I am including a picture of me holding a calendar of pugs because it’s my goals to own pugs they are soooo cute hehe just kidding but I do love them and they make me happy and that’s one of my goals that I am constantly reviewing. What would my HF want me to do? Therefore if I do it...I am happy. yay! This week I got to ride bikes in exchanges with the sister training leaders and my bum really hurt. I am super siked for conference and to continue to declare repentance among my brothers and sisters in Mexico. Chao y cuĂ­dense mucho. Les amo,
Hermana Mleynek

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