Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptism por fin!!!

Hola a Todos,
Tuesday we worked and saw Daniela when she off handedly told us that she wanted to be baptized. We were like Okay!! Where do we sign?  We got everything ready and finished teaching her. We contacted references and people in the street. Wednesday we had the district class and later my companion and I did divisions so that she could fill out the baptism form with Daniela and I could teach my English class. There were lots of people and it was fun. Thursday we bought the headband thing that Daniela is wearing in the picture and we had an appointment to visit this Mechanic and his wife he told us that he was a little worried because his wife is the jealous type and boy was he right she was staring daggers at us. I didn't know whether to smile or run away. Friday it rained a little and we had weekly planning and the day was normal but we made enchiladas because it’s the favorite food of Daniela and we wanted to eat enchiladas after her baptism at 10 am Saturday. Everything went great the members helped us a lot and enjoyed the program. The president of the relief society gave her books for her classes. Her husband who is a member wasn't at her baptism it’s really complicated he went a little off the deep end and isn’t living with her right now. Thankful that didn't impede her baptism she was confirmed Sunday and is super content. I am a little nervous if I have transfers next week because I want to be here a little longer to make sure that she gets very well situated with the members and leaders. I am healthy and happy and working super hard. I am grateful for my life my weaknesses and my strengths my family my friends. I am grateful for trials and the opportunity to love all those is my path. I love the savior and am so grateful that through His love and sacrifice we can be saved. I know that He lives. Remember to share Because He Lives with your friends and families and give the missionaries lots of work.
Hermana Mleynek

:) Daniela!!! 
Well Daniela is just an amazing person one of the most Christ like people I've ever known. We really didn’t have to do much which feels so good. She told us she wanted to be baptized and she’s been coming to church she understands so much doctrine it’s amazing. In Sunday school she explained to everyone the whats and whys of the atonement like she was reading preach my gospel. She’s got some major challenges in her life which is why she wasn't a for sure baptism but with a lot of follow up and prayer we were blessed to have everything ready for her baptism it was quite beautiful and there were lots of people and my companion and I performed a special musical number that made everyone cry. Se hace lo que se puede. jajaja...that’s a way to say yeah were pretty legit. jk!! We were super nervous.  

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