Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth To...

Dear Family and friends,
Well where to start... we were running around crazy this week and it passed by extremely fast. I think my agenda in the mission is my brain sometimes. Well people are starting to look at me with sad puppy eyes that I am leaving. I am actually excited to see you all although I know it’s going to be a weird adjustment. I have remained focused and actually the shortness of time has actually helped me to work even harder than before. Like when I go running in the morning I think to myself I only have 30 minutes and I got to make it count.  I want to serve the Lord and fulfill my purpose. Something that has helped me this week is what our old District leader Elder Child told us that we should come back to our apartment every day feeling that we gave a little more and better service and as a result we are a better person today than yesterday. I have tried to remember this during the day so that when I finish the day I can smile and say yes I did give more and served better than yesterday. No one is perfect but the challenge that Christ gives us to be perfect even as He is perfect is a loving invitation that will bring us closer to eternal life. I love to study the plan of salvation and the doctrine contained in these lessons and I believe that eternal life isn't so much as a reward but a result of who we strive to be like. I am very happy to be with Sister Gonzalez she is like a battery and she has some great ideas we are going to try. I love her willingness to work. We have been super burnt this week we even got a touch of heat stroke. I know our work is worth it to our heavenly Father. In all we do He cares and is there to help us even if things don’t go perfect it’s okay. I am not perfect but the Lord chooses to work through the weak and simple. This is His work and that’s why it doesn't matter what skills we have He will do His work if we are humble and just obey and trust in Him and do what He asks. I love this work and being a missionary it’s the best thing I have ever done in my life. The Lord has called all of us as missionaries if we obey this commandment we will be enormously blessed and just to remind us all again it doesn't matter what we know or don’t know just do it! Highlights: Inspired contacting has led us to prepared people with sincere desire. Reading the Book of Mormon gives me strength to love serve and preach without ceasing and without distinction of persons. The ward working with us has touched the hearts of future missionaries. We had a ward mission activity where everyone was invited to contact with the missionaries inviting them to come unto Christ. There are some super strong youth here. What else is new? Our District Leader got transferred mid cycle and Elder Messervy took His place. We had our district Monday activities basketball and pizza. Sorry didn't take photos I'm so tired I could fall asleep writing y’all right now. I hope you are all doing well I love you all and am looking forward to lots of Hugs!

Monday, April 20, 2015

I Don't Really Understand Football

Hello all! Writing from Mexico Mexico and it’s starting to get warm hehe when I walk I feel my feet heating up. Revelation: I wanted to see how someone looked in glasses and I told them to put mine on and I could read signs and stuff I think for some miracle maybe my vision is coming back a little. That would be so awesome! I don’t like being blind as I'm sure no one does. Anyway I feel really good even though everyone keeps telling me that I am dying which is an expression for missionaries when they finish their mission it’s as if they had died. I haven’t actually fully realized how close the date actually is yet I don’t even feel nervous. I have always loved adapting and learning in the process. I have felt excessively blessed this last cycle that I have been able to learn and grow and work like normal. I honestly feel like no time has gone by at all. The mission is the best time to help prepare for the rest of your life. Angel is still progressing towards his baptism may 2nd he feels a little weird but I know He can do it. He is ready! We have found a lot of new investigators but for every 1 new one we have had the drop 3 or 4 that aren't interested I really don’t understand how someone can have so close the thing that can make them happier than ever and pass it up. This is how we need to think of sharing the gospel. The gospel is what gives us purpose peace and everlasting joy and those we love NEED it. I NEED it and that’s why I share it every day and will continue to share it and build my testimony. I hope you all are continually saving up spiritual oil for the flame of the gospel that burns within you and inspiring and lifting everyone around you every day. You all inspire me and I am so blessed by your individual and special testimonies that you share with me. I know this gospel is true and this church is led by Jesus Christ. I know He will come again. I know that the book of Mormon is the work of God and has been prepared to keep us safe and from being wavered in these troubling times. We will not worry or wonder if we read and pray about this book. I testify of these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Love you all until next week,
Hermana Mleynek

Monday, April 13, 2015


Well I can’t tell you all how super happy I am right now! Why you might ask...well I am always happy serving the Lord. I love being here in Mexico and preaching and teaching the gospel. I hope that if you have reservations about serving a mission or in a calling that you put them aside and know that our Heavenly Father loves and wants His children to learn and progress and the best way to accomplish this purpose is serving! Work, work, work! We had to for sure baptism dates and investigators to go to church this week and zip nada no one came and they left us hanging (plantadas) so today we are going to visit them and see what’s up. I am learning a lot about patience and how it ties in with a life of faith because really we can’t understand all that goes on or why for that reason we have the spirit. The Holy Ghost was sent to comfort us. When I DON'T understand I just remember that it’s okay. Ask the Mormons always say Keep Calm and Carry On. I continue to be inspired and uplifted by the messages of conference as I have downloaded them and am now listening every possible moment that isn't annoying to my companion. I have always been such a conference junkie. Well I’ll let you all know what new and excited adventure this week will bring. I think it’s going to rain the sky is shouting.
Hermana Mleynek

#1 We saw someone selling a litter of baby pugs in the street I wanted them all!!
(haha I thought of a joke...dont litter these pugs in the street Ill take them home with me just kidding we cant have pets get it...because its a litter of pug puppies)

#2 I want to visit Lego land

#3 I started crying last night when a sister made carrot cake for me

#4 my companion has an addiction to clothing but it’s alright with me because she shares hehe but I think she should get some help :P

Well that’s all for now. Cuidense.  Bye! :DLove,

This is a pic of our zone conference the trio is back haha
just for the picture, but it was cool to be with them again!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mission Mexico Pachuca

Hello All, thanks for tuning in
First of all I’d like to wish my big brother Jesus Happy Birthday! Thanks to Him I get to know all of you beautiful people and thanks to Him you have other beautiful people in your lives and we all get to know each other and share the joy and love in our lives. He is my friend. Gods plan is centered around families. Wow a lot of things have changed. 4 of 6 new missionaries in our district and more in the zone. I have my new companion sis Gonzalez she is absolutely fabulous and I am learning a lot from her. She is from Guadalajara Mexico and has 7 months in the mission. We are working super hard and I am trying hard to teach her the area. I am super happy that a lot of members here don’t realize that I'm ending my mission ...hehehe. This week we have a new baptism date his name is Angel he is very sincere and we are helping him work through is doubts. Also Elias accepted baptism this week and is reading the Book of Mormon. I loved conference and feel a renewed desire to follow and live the teaching of Jesus Christ and feel that we all truly can be disciples and give what we can where we are in our lives. Understanding the atonement has helped me better understand this work. This work is about love and persuasion and sometimes when I feel frustrated I try to remember whose work this is. I can’t do it my way we have to do it His way. The way of sacrifice the way of the spirit and service and reaching out. Consecration is actively stretching outward to be more like Him. I hope that we can all feel content with all that the Lord seeth fit to have us endure. Like a stone sculpture we are being molded and who are we to say how the master artist should or shouldn't mold us as he gives us burdens we are being refined and our imperfections are being chipped away. Sometimes we feel like we are falling but really we are finding who we are and what were made of. Trust Him and never stop praying. I hope you are watched conference it was truly amazing. These lessons we learned are exactly what we need for these next 6 months so we can’t wait even a day before applying them. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and we are honored to sustain Him. I’m grateful to be strengthened by the testimonies of these great men. You all have individual and unique testimonies that others need to hear. I know that God has called me where I am right now because the people around me need my testimony and I need theirs. I hope you all have a great week! Les amo,
Hermana Mleynek

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