Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth To...

Dear Family and friends,
Well where to start... we were running around crazy this week and it passed by extremely fast. I think my agenda in the mission is my brain sometimes. Well people are starting to look at me with sad puppy eyes that I am leaving. I am actually excited to see you all although I know it’s going to be a weird adjustment. I have remained focused and actually the shortness of time has actually helped me to work even harder than before. Like when I go running in the morning I think to myself I only have 30 minutes and I got to make it count.  I want to serve the Lord and fulfill my purpose. Something that has helped me this week is what our old District leader Elder Child told us that we should come back to our apartment every day feeling that we gave a little more and better service and as a result we are a better person today than yesterday. I have tried to remember this during the day so that when I finish the day I can smile and say yes I did give more and served better than yesterday. No one is perfect but the challenge that Christ gives us to be perfect even as He is perfect is a loving invitation that will bring us closer to eternal life. I love to study the plan of salvation and the doctrine contained in these lessons and I believe that eternal life isn't so much as a reward but a result of who we strive to be like. I am very happy to be with Sister Gonzalez she is like a battery and she has some great ideas we are going to try. I love her willingness to work. We have been super burnt this week we even got a touch of heat stroke. I know our work is worth it to our heavenly Father. In all we do He cares and is there to help us even if things don’t go perfect it’s okay. I am not perfect but the Lord chooses to work through the weak and simple. This is His work and that’s why it doesn't matter what skills we have He will do His work if we are humble and just obey and trust in Him and do what He asks. I love this work and being a missionary it’s the best thing I have ever done in my life. The Lord has called all of us as missionaries if we obey this commandment we will be enormously blessed and just to remind us all again it doesn't matter what we know or don’t know just do it! Highlights: Inspired contacting has led us to prepared people with sincere desire. Reading the Book of Mormon gives me strength to love serve and preach without ceasing and without distinction of persons. The ward working with us has touched the hearts of future missionaries. We had a ward mission activity where everyone was invited to contact with the missionaries inviting them to come unto Christ. There are some super strong youth here. What else is new? Our District Leader got transferred mid cycle and Elder Messervy took His place. We had our district Monday activities basketball and pizza. Sorry didn't take photos I'm so tired I could fall asleep writing y’all right now. I hope you are all doing well I love you all and am looking forward to lots of Hugs!

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