Monday, January 20, 2014

Jesus Christ's Church is on the Earth today

This week I am determined to write a proper letter that is fantastic and well thought out...ajiojckha ue djklcjijfe JK :D I am finally getting used to these keyboards. Today is PDay again I can´t believe it.

Barrio-Ward Thank you Primary I love you all very much. Especially my class of 8 year olds. Thank you for your precious notes for Christmas I feel very loved. Thank you for whoever organized the efforts and to my family for the other thoughtful gifts. I have learned some cool new traditions for example they have a gift giving holiday after christmas where they celebrate the three wise men and eat this funny huge bread. I saw a bunch of people with it in the street and I asked my companion Hna. Cebreros about it and she said Duh it´s a holiday today. I am learning a lot on my mission it is a one of a kind experience. Everyday I learn a lifetimes worth of lessons it feels. A huge huge hug and thanks you to my ward family for your comforting messages, testimonies and most of all for your prayers. This work wouldn´t get very far without daily inspiration from the Lord. Every prayer is heard and the faithful receive answers. I am seeing miracles happen in my mission.
If you are thinking about going on a it! Once you decide to serve the Lord and know why The Lord helps you prepare because he wants you to serve his children. Also don´t worry about where you will serve because He calls you to exactly where you need to go. A mission helps your testimony grow tremendosly.

Familia/ Amigos- I can´t express to you all how much each of you means to me, you are always in my heart. I see you in the eyes and faces of the people here and I love them and want to help them. I have to imagine I know these people partly because I don´t quite understand everything they are saying. The people in Mexico are wonderful and humble. I can´t believe how easily some seem to accept the message of the gospel. For example a family with chicos are not married and we give them a message about matrimony and the temple and they are all on board. Pretty much every lesson we teach about the Sabath. The people are very religious because of their Catholic background but we always try to teach about the restoration so they can gain a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon through prayer and study. The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints is not just a church it is a way of life taught by the Savior. We are a covenant people, and daily scripture study and prayer is vital to strengthening our faith and living like we believe. The people feel the church is good and agree with out teaching but we want them to gain a stronger testimoney. Our efforts are not wasted; we get a lot of people to attend the church the trick is to keep them coming.

We have a great ward I believe it is pretty big and lots of youth it is so exciting to see every week. Speaking of this week we have an additional member, in this photo a mother of three less active hijos was baptized and it was very special. (I couldn't get the picture to download. I will keep trying and add it later) We had an investigator Margarita their and she was balling..quietly during the baptism because she felt the spirit so strong...Heavenly Father has definitely been preparing her also we are now teaching the oldest son of Leisliem, Mario and his novia GF Lupita this week. We are teaching a lot of people. We have several investigators in the in between phase of progressing. Everytime we meet with Leisliem I see a little more light in her eyes, life isn´t easy but she has truely taken the gospel to heart and it has changed her and the Best part of it all is she REALIZES it. Her family is being stregthen too they have more unity and love for each other and the Lord, little by little. Jesus Christ's church is on the Earth today and it is a recipe for success. I am trying everyday to figure out how to be a better missionary and express how to share this testimony.
Have a wonderful week Everybody I love you dearly. Keep on, keepin on!
Peace Out,
Hermana Mleynek

Monday, January 13, 2014

Things are on the up and up

Things are on the up and up here. I have all positive things to say. We are working hard and it´s a miracle things are improving. We had four of our new investigators at church and 1 progressing investigator, Lesliem is getting baptised this semana. I am so amazed by her progress as she comes to church and is learning so much.

I am so excited about this work and the other day I found myself wondering what life was about before. No offense I miss all y'all too :D I love it here and as soon as I can understand everyone and speak I will be quite settled in. I am anxious to learn quickly because in 3 semana I will be a senior companion.

I know the Lord knows best and Yo espero estoy listo. My testimony of my Heavenly Father grows cada dia. I know this is his work and as I prepare and focus on others he will help me. I am not the best teacher but I am trying very hard. I promise you all and the Lord I will give my who heart might and mind to this work. He will show all of us the way when we trust him. The Lord promises many blessings and loves us very much.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I Love the Lord's Work

Lifes really Good how could it not be? I have so much joy when I am sharing the gospel. Things are tough but that doesn´t mean I am not having sucess. Yesterday night I felt so much peace thinking about my life and the people in it, each one of you. I am so excited to be apart of the church at this time when their is so much excitement and growth.

Christmas was the bomb and I received an amazing Christmas package today and I was about to cry over toothpaste in a happy way because I was about to buy some toothpaste at the store today. My companera begrudged me a little but we bought peanut butter and I made a sandwich and was in heaven. I have very much engulfed myself in the culture here. I eat a lot of chicken and am quite sure I want to try and be a vegetarian when I get back (DAD)

I have felt a lot better this week and am quite lucky in other ways. The Lord is blessing me in ways I do not understand. I am grateful for my blessings and trials. I still am not very good in the lessons but everyone seems impressed with my Spanish. I think its crap but who am I to judge. I can understand a lot of what people are saying now enough to jump in whenever during the lessons.

I keep thinking of how my mission is going to change my life when I get home and honestly I NEVER want to stop being a missionary and I don´t have to because the prophet has called each one of us to be missionaries. I know that the Lord wants us to be like Him and the only way we can do that is by having faith and overcoming our weaknesses one day at a time. I take great comfort from reading the words of modern day prophets.

My companera Hna. Cebreros speaks very good English the trouble is she can't understand it. I have a goal to speak English with her when I can even though I don´t want to.We are warming up to each other and she speaks English and I respond in Spanish.

The work is tough but we are teaching and working harder than ever. Our President is an Angel and is so inspired. He has prayed about our area and said that the Lord has prepared many for us to teach and all we have to do is trust Him. I have seen many miracles this week and also dealt with many members with troubling concerns with their faith.

I want everyone to know that my mission has a blog (there is a link to it under her address on this blog) and I am actually on it with a couple pictures. w and there is a lot to be done. Hold on to your faith, Trust God, develop an attitude of meekness and humility and you can find hapiness in every situation.I am happiest when I am trying to be like Jesus. I know this is the purpose in life. I love you all mucho pray for the missionaries and pray for the oportunity to share the gospel it will be such a blessing for you. Stay strong!
-Hermana Mleynek