Monday, April 28, 2014

1st Earthquake

Wow with all the excitement last week I forgot to mention there was an earthquake. Some of you commented about it. Yeah we felt the whole street was moving but just a little. But I remembered in a movie once that you are supposed to hide under the table so I was a little freaked out hiding under the table in our house... we were studying, it kind of felt like it was my brain shaking and I needed to lay down, but then I saw that our mirror was swaying back and forth. My first Earthquake I have ever felt, but like I said nothing happened.

Well, loads of stuff has been happening here. I am so happy with the progress and work the Lord is doing through me and my companion. Our investigators are so great! We have four that want to be baptized. The highlight of my week was Jared the nine year old boy we have been trying to teach for forever. His brother was just baptized and Jared told us he wasn't ready. No!!!! but we have visited and taught a little more and he’s all on board. He is seriously sooo adorable. He asked us for stickers so he can mark the scriptures that are most important like we do. He brings his own primary song book because he says it’s his favorite part about church and he knows most of them already. He loves the missionaries and is now asking us when we can visit and we've started teaching his cousin Adwin and he’s getting pretty excited about coming to church. Were cool with the young crowd we always give them minion stickers :)

Also other highlight is that DAniel blessed the sacrament this Sunday for the first time. His mom now wants to be baptized and his inactive brother is reactivating. I can’t describe the joy I feel to see others coming closer to God and partaking of the blessing He has for them. I know their lives and family will be blessed so much. Lucila is such a great mom!

I just have to tell you something I've learned and it’s that everyone has problems no one is exempt from difficulties and also no one is excluded from have the eternal peace of the gospel in their lives. All can partake and buy milk and honey without price but so often we sell ourselves short and forget to enjoy life or forget the great blessings we have. I owe everything to my Savior and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that’s why we can’t be afraid to share it. D&C 6 I have a challenge for you all that could change your life and possible save another’s. When you look at anyone try to imagine how God sees them how Christ feels about them and they are your eternal brother and sister and that You have something that can bring them home. Also look at yourself and try to remember who you really are and why you are here and let this though guide your decisions. Heaven is a place and also a state of being. I love you all thanks for remembering to write. I seriously love to hear from you all!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

So, Surprise Baptism

Wow so, surprise baptism. We were teaching this family and they are so nice and going to church with us and everything but wouldn't accept a baptism date. Daniel has been going to mutual for about a month and the ward has been really welcoming especially the Young Men’s program. So apparently there is a temple trip for the Young Men and Women and it only happens about 1x a year and Daniel wanted to go, so we had to explain to him that we do baptisms for the Dead and why and that you have to be a member to go in the temple and so we asked him if would be baptized and I’ll never forget his smile. We talked a bit more to make sure he was serious and knew what he was doing and that he had to keep a bunch of commitments and be a faithful servant of God and Jesus Christ for the rest of His life and he was totally ready! And so we called President and he said yes so Daniel was baptized this week!! We had to do so much to get him ready. We met with him twice every day and had to make sure he was keeping the commitments and reading the Book of Mormon. He was on vacation this week and had been reading loads and he organized all the pamphlets we gave him into a binder with sheet protectors and took notes during the plan of salvation. We gave him the pre-interview and he answered affirmative for everything. Wow!! The baptism was very beautiful and he gave the closing prayer like a pro and his mom was crying and everything. She’s not a member...yet but she’s definitely on her way. I've learned something amazing on my mission if someone is investigating the church, WELCOME them or they won’t come back. I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting followed by Elder Mendoza one the Seventies here in Mexico. It went decently well, as always it’s not really important what I say it’s what everyone else hears because the spirit communicates spirit to spirit. Daniel had his interview for the priesthood and he was super happy and smiling in after and his mom thought it was really special. After church he showed us his temple recommend. I can’t believe how fast this all was but it’s the Lords work and its being hastened I am so blessed to be front and center for all the action. Me and My companion taught about Joseph Smith at the baptism. The turnout was really good and also we sang a special musical number, my companion has a video I will have to borrow it. I love my companion sooo much but I was a bit frustrated with her sometimes I feel like I’m doing everything myself but that’s because I’m a trainer. She won’t know what to do unless I show her how. She’s doing great and learning fast. I feel like a proud mother. We have 2 more investigators that are super interested and one the parents gave permission for him to be baptized like they are super happy about it, but they don’t want weird is that? I gave a blessing on their home, which was weird but President Egbert told us to offer and they said yes, and I felt the spirit sooo strong. Another investigator is progressing pretty well he texted us yesterday saying thank for sharing the word of God and he signed his name Hermano Gabriel. I about died I was so giddy. He is learning a lot and is has a baptism date for 24 de Mayo. He just needs to quit smoking but I really think he can do it; we just have to help him. This week has been busy we also had interviews with President Egbert and training for Family History, which we taught Daniel and he is so excited we were working and he just jumped out of his chair to call his dad to ask when his grandfather was born! Im super happy and the best part is there is so much more to be done. Look Forward with Faith everyone and never forget to look for the Hand of the Lord in your life, I know he cares about us.
-Hermana Mleynek

Thank you aunt Tiffany and all who put in any effort to send me my lovely Easter package. Out of the goodness of my heart I shared our American traditions and goodies with my companion Hna. Sauazo from Honduras. So naturally she attacked with the water gun when I was coming out of the bathroom. They don't do anything for Easter in Honduras and here in Mexico they do a weird giant 2 week Catholic celebration so we don't do anything here in the church either. I hid all the eggs and she had a lot of fun finding them then we read all the scriptures and it was really special and cool. I felt very close to my Savior. We took pictures too!! I love you all!!!! 

Oh no my badge!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Joy and Fun

Since Day one of my mission I have been tormented by...the Scoobie Doo Theme song I can only remember the first part...Scoobie doobie doo where are you. This is just one of tons of examples of things that can drive you crazy on the mission. But that’s just part of the Joy and Fun. I want you all to know I'm having a lot of fun on my mission. If you are not having fun in your mission as a representative of Christ then I'm sorry to tell you, you’re doing it wrong. We are all on a mission and the work of salvation is everyone's joyous work and load to bear.

Dear Familiars
I am so blessed by the Lord I can’t count the ways. I am so happy to be serving in Pachuca Mission. My companion is amazing we are finding new people every day. Some are very confused some are a little bit mean but I love them all and want them to come unto Christ and have salvation. This week I was able to stay positive because no matter where we are lost in the street or knocking on an investigators window and door for the 3rd time in a day we are doing what the Lord wants, he is able to do His own work we just need to be obedient. A lot of people say they Believe in God, But I want to ask you what on Earth does that mean without action. If I believe some day I will be a Dentist but never work or study it’s not going to happen. Faith is not magic and the blessings of God are not to come without Work First. I want you all to ponder a question in your Soul. I can’t tell you what this question is but when you have it Exercise your Faith and Find the Answer. I know God lives and loves us and answers prayers and the desires we have deep in our souls. Maybe we don’t see the answer right away but it’s there. I don’t know the meaning of all things but I have faith in the eternal love of God so I follow forward with a smile on my face and in my heart until the day that my faith is made perfect. I love you all back at home. Thank you for being in my life. I am so blessed.

-Hermana Mleynek

I can explain why I am on the computer again sending an email but there is no time. P-day and we are exhausted!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wow! Conference

I don’t want to sound like a downer but I was a little bit disappointed to not be able to understand conference that well. I missed hearing the sounds of their voices and I didn’t understand the funny stories but I did understand the gist and theme of every speaker.

The most exciting and amazing part of conference was we had five investigators attend. I spent most of the time praying and thinking about them and a lot of them really liked it, but it’s a little bit confusing to explain afterwards that not every week is like conference.

Many miracles this week. I feel especially good about the fact that we found 3 of our investigators and 1 of them desperately needs the gospel. He told us that he was praying for God to be with him when we knocked on the door. We are praying for him. Lots! He needs the gospel in His life. We all need the gospel in our lives every second. I hope we can all not take for granted what we have and that we can share it. Jesus Christ is the light and the life of the world. Without Him we are in darkness slowly dying. Super dramatic but true. Without our Savior we are nothing and I love Him with all my heart. That is why I am serving my mission. He saves my life everyday and he can save yours too if you let Him. Don’t forget the gift of the atonement and trust that we can be forgiven and return to our Fathers loving eternal embrace. He loves us soo much.

Another miracle this week is that Sunday we had an appointment with this woman who has a tienda, a little store and we visited and our lesson kept getting interrupted by customers but me and my companion were very determined and she was very receptive. I told her that I knew we were not here by coincidence and she told us that all week she’d been thinking about when we would come and visit and that she felt like she needed God and Jesus Christ more in her life and that the message we would bring to her would help. We testified of this and she said she knew it was true. We invited her to be baptized and she got a little apprehensive. I explained that we wanted her to first ask God if this was right and that the invitation was to follow her answer and she told us that she was baptized when she 11 in a church but she didn’t know if the church still existed and she told us where it was and We THINK she is a member already!! Wow what a surprise. We are in the progress of searching for her in the records but Wow the Holy Ghost is real and the Lord is hastening His work and reaches out to every one of His Children. He is the Good Shepherd. We are all Important to Him and His sheep are numbered and He knows our names. This is my humble and grateful testimony for the world. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Hermana Mleynek

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Love the Book of Mormon

Wow Everyone this week flew by and the tender mercies of the Lord were with me and my companion. Practically every day felt like a disaster and we were going to die. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic but boy did we have a week. The stress was worth it though because the Lord can do His work and I want to testify this is true. We felt like we were failing but we never gave up and because of our faith we had success.

I would tell you all a bunch of stories but I don't have time as usual and my brain feels fuzzy but I feel that our area is progressing...a little slower than we'd like but were keeping upbeat and busy.

I feel really good about being a trainer. I feel a lot of love for my companion and pray for her about as much as I pray for my investigators. Being a missionary is hard ajustment but she's fantastico. We're working on her English too.

The Elders before us left the area book pretty shabby and I don't even want to mention the House.Ugh! No gas, no food, stuff everywhere and a late bill for $622 okay, so I guess I do want to mention it. Elders are hopeless. so we are trying to put the puzzle together and a lot of our investigators we don't even know because there is no address or phone number. One day we were looking through our list of member and it said that one member was active but the list is from January and we didn't know the sister so we went to her house and it turns our her niece who lives with her is an investigator. Sometimes we don't know why we are doing things and really were being impressed, it just seemed like a good idea. Anyway she is 16 years old and knows the Book of Mormon is true and wants to be baptized, she practically asked us in the lesson and we were just baffled.

The Book of Mormon can change your life if you accept it for what it is, a miracle, evidence of the Restored Gospel through a prophet in these latter days and just Love, the love of God for His Children. I love the Book of Mormon and have a testimoney of it through the power of the Holy Ghost. We have another beautiful family that have accepted our teachings, they are a little reluctant but I know if they read and pray about the Book of Mormon their faith will grow and they will feel the difference it brings into their life.

I'm sorry no pictures I haven't had time to look at my camera yet, but don't worry I haven't pulled out all my hair or gained too much weight. As always thank you for your prayers and for being faithful members of the Church. I love you all. Look for the people God puts in your path and perform random acts of service. We are His hands and He can give us a new heart and heal us to make us whole. Don't forget to prayerfully prepare for conference begin praying now. I know its going to be epic.

Lots of Love and missionary hugs,
Hermana Mleynek

New Area and Companion

Hola People of Earth,
Just want to update you all about my week. So the day before transfers I was totally packed and feeling calm, scary the calm before a storm. Yeah and everyone kept asking me how I felt and I was just like Uh...good. As always the Lord directs His work and we are all just instruments in His hands. There is a joy in fulfilling your calling to the Lord that I can not describe.

So I'm a mom...I hate that they call it that, but it mean s I'm training. My companions name is Hermana Suazo. She is a super cool gal from Honduras. You don't pronounce the H in espaƱol. I felt super good our first few days. We were not too lost. Our area is pretty big but we're figuring it out. I think one of the reasons for sure we are together is she is super good with directions. I have to kind of fight her in the morning to get up but little by little I think we're learning to love each other. We're awesome in the lessons. But we are having a real difficult time finding people to teach.

Our ward is Real de Minas. It's a fantastic ward. There are 300 members but only 70 or so attend but the active members are Great! We have been looking for absolutely anyone to talk to and have had great opportunities to contact in the streets etc.

I feel the Love of the Savior very strong and know we all have a purpose on this earth and the example of our older brother Jesus Christ means so much to me. Life wasn't easy or without suffering for Him and it isn't for us. I think I'm beginning to understand my crazy dad :) Pain really is my friend. Without it I'd be dead physically and spiritually. Trials are an expression of love because it gives us an opportunity to see different blessing the Lord has given us. My eyes have been opened and the truth has set me free. This sounds so stoic but these words are true and I know they are true. I know the church is true and that God loves us and has given us a way to return to Him. What does the gospel of Jesus Christ really mean? Salvation isn't easy but it's not complicated either. A word in the scriptures that always sticks out to me is Remember. It's so true we always forget that God has a perfect play for His imperfect children and He wants to help us every step of the way if we can just remember: Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the End. Wow that was hard to write in English. I couldn't think of some of the words.

One other thing I feel impressed to share is that when we are in the service of others we are only in the service of our God. Jesus Christ commanded us to love us others as he has Loved us. How on Earth can I love anyone to the capacity Jesus Christ has loved me. Well we can start with service and pray for the gift to love others and fulfill this commandment. I love you all and hope that my service here will somehow bless your life. Lots of Love and missionary hugs,

Hermana Mleynek

P.S. I dropped my camera and it dies doesn't work right now but I'm going to try and dissect it.
P.S.S Haha my companion can´t handle any chili and it makes me look more Mexican :) but she doesn't speak English. Esta bien. She is 19 years old and likes chick flicks. She is good with directions and studied Technical Market or something like that...

Hermana Suazo