Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Love the Book of Mormon

Wow Everyone this week flew by and the tender mercies of the Lord were with me and my companion. Practically every day felt like a disaster and we were going to die. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic but boy did we have a week. The stress was worth it though because the Lord can do His work and I want to testify this is true. We felt like we were failing but we never gave up and because of our faith we had success.

I would tell you all a bunch of stories but I don't have time as usual and my brain feels fuzzy but I feel that our area is progressing...a little slower than we'd like but were keeping upbeat and busy.

I feel really good about being a trainer. I feel a lot of love for my companion and pray for her about as much as I pray for my investigators. Being a missionary is hard ajustment but she's fantastico. We're working on her English too.

The Elders before us left the area book pretty shabby and I don't even want to mention the House.Ugh! No gas, no food, stuff everywhere and a late bill for $622 okay, so I guess I do want to mention it. Elders are hopeless. so we are trying to put the puzzle together and a lot of our investigators we don't even know because there is no address or phone number. One day we were looking through our list of member and it said that one member was active but the list is from January and we didn't know the sister so we went to her house and it turns our her niece who lives with her is an investigator. Sometimes we don't know why we are doing things and really were being impressed, it just seemed like a good idea. Anyway she is 16 years old and knows the Book of Mormon is true and wants to be baptized, she practically asked us in the lesson and we were just baffled.

The Book of Mormon can change your life if you accept it for what it is, a miracle, evidence of the Restored Gospel through a prophet in these latter days and just Love, the love of God for His Children. I love the Book of Mormon and have a testimoney of it through the power of the Holy Ghost. We have another beautiful family that have accepted our teachings, they are a little reluctant but I know if they read and pray about the Book of Mormon their faith will grow and they will feel the difference it brings into their life.

I'm sorry no pictures I haven't had time to look at my camera yet, but don't worry I haven't pulled out all my hair or gained too much weight. As always thank you for your prayers and for being faithful members of the Church. I love you all. Look for the people God puts in your path and perform random acts of service. We are His hands and He can give us a new heart and heal us to make us whole. Don't forget to prayerfully prepare for conference begin praying now. I know its going to be epic.

Lots of Love and missionary hugs,
Hermana Mleynek

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