Monday, April 28, 2014

1st Earthquake

Wow with all the excitement last week I forgot to mention there was an earthquake. Some of you commented about it. Yeah we felt the whole street was moving but just a little. But I remembered in a movie once that you are supposed to hide under the table so I was a little freaked out hiding under the table in our house... we were studying, it kind of felt like it was my brain shaking and I needed to lay down, but then I saw that our mirror was swaying back and forth. My first Earthquake I have ever felt, but like I said nothing happened.

Well, loads of stuff has been happening here. I am so happy with the progress and work the Lord is doing through me and my companion. Our investigators are so great! We have four that want to be baptized. The highlight of my week was Jared the nine year old boy we have been trying to teach for forever. His brother was just baptized and Jared told us he wasn't ready. No!!!! but we have visited and taught a little more and he’s all on board. He is seriously sooo adorable. He asked us for stickers so he can mark the scriptures that are most important like we do. He brings his own primary song book because he says it’s his favorite part about church and he knows most of them already. He loves the missionaries and is now asking us when we can visit and we've started teaching his cousin Adwin and he’s getting pretty excited about coming to church. Were cool with the young crowd we always give them minion stickers :)

Also other highlight is that DAniel blessed the sacrament this Sunday for the first time. His mom now wants to be baptized and his inactive brother is reactivating. I can’t describe the joy I feel to see others coming closer to God and partaking of the blessing He has for them. I know their lives and family will be blessed so much. Lucila is such a great mom!

I just have to tell you something I've learned and it’s that everyone has problems no one is exempt from difficulties and also no one is excluded from have the eternal peace of the gospel in their lives. All can partake and buy milk and honey without price but so often we sell ourselves short and forget to enjoy life or forget the great blessings we have. I owe everything to my Savior and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that’s why we can’t be afraid to share it. D&C 6 I have a challenge for you all that could change your life and possible save another’s. When you look at anyone try to imagine how God sees them how Christ feels about them and they are your eternal brother and sister and that You have something that can bring them home. Also look at yourself and try to remember who you really are and why you are here and let this though guide your decisions. Heaven is a place and also a state of being. I love you all thanks for remembering to write. I seriously love to hear from you all!!

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