Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wow! Conference

I don’t want to sound like a downer but I was a little bit disappointed to not be able to understand conference that well. I missed hearing the sounds of their voices and I didn’t understand the funny stories but I did understand the gist and theme of every speaker.

The most exciting and amazing part of conference was we had five investigators attend. I spent most of the time praying and thinking about them and a lot of them really liked it, but it’s a little bit confusing to explain afterwards that not every week is like conference.

Many miracles this week. I feel especially good about the fact that we found 3 of our investigators and 1 of them desperately needs the gospel. He told us that he was praying for God to be with him when we knocked on the door. We are praying for him. Lots! He needs the gospel in His life. We all need the gospel in our lives every second. I hope we can all not take for granted what we have and that we can share it. Jesus Christ is the light and the life of the world. Without Him we are in darkness slowly dying. Super dramatic but true. Without our Savior we are nothing and I love Him with all my heart. That is why I am serving my mission. He saves my life everyday and he can save yours too if you let Him. Don’t forget the gift of the atonement and trust that we can be forgiven and return to our Fathers loving eternal embrace. He loves us soo much.

Another miracle this week is that Sunday we had an appointment with this woman who has a tienda, a little store and we visited and our lesson kept getting interrupted by customers but me and my companion were very determined and she was very receptive. I told her that I knew we were not here by coincidence and she told us that all week she’d been thinking about when we would come and visit and that she felt like she needed God and Jesus Christ more in her life and that the message we would bring to her would help. We testified of this and she said she knew it was true. We invited her to be baptized and she got a little apprehensive. I explained that we wanted her to first ask God if this was right and that the invitation was to follow her answer and she told us that she was baptized when she 11 in a church but she didn’t know if the church still existed and she told us where it was and We THINK she is a member already!! Wow what a surprise. We are in the progress of searching for her in the records but Wow the Holy Ghost is real and the Lord is hastening His work and reaches out to every one of His Children. He is the Good Shepherd. We are all Important to Him and His sheep are numbered and He knows our names. This is my humble and grateful testimony for the world. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Hermana Mleynek

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