Monday, April 21, 2014

So, Surprise Baptism

Wow so, surprise baptism. We were teaching this family and they are so nice and going to church with us and everything but wouldn't accept a baptism date. Daniel has been going to mutual for about a month and the ward has been really welcoming especially the Young Men’s program. So apparently there is a temple trip for the Young Men and Women and it only happens about 1x a year and Daniel wanted to go, so we had to explain to him that we do baptisms for the Dead and why and that you have to be a member to go in the temple and so we asked him if would be baptized and I’ll never forget his smile. We talked a bit more to make sure he was serious and knew what he was doing and that he had to keep a bunch of commitments and be a faithful servant of God and Jesus Christ for the rest of His life and he was totally ready! And so we called President and he said yes so Daniel was baptized this week!! We had to do so much to get him ready. We met with him twice every day and had to make sure he was keeping the commitments and reading the Book of Mormon. He was on vacation this week and had been reading loads and he organized all the pamphlets we gave him into a binder with sheet protectors and took notes during the plan of salvation. We gave him the pre-interview and he answered affirmative for everything. Wow!! The baptism was very beautiful and he gave the closing prayer like a pro and his mom was crying and everything. She’s not a member...yet but she’s definitely on her way. I've learned something amazing on my mission if someone is investigating the church, WELCOME them or they won’t come back. I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting followed by Elder Mendoza one the Seventies here in Mexico. It went decently well, as always it’s not really important what I say it’s what everyone else hears because the spirit communicates spirit to spirit. Daniel had his interview for the priesthood and he was super happy and smiling in after and his mom thought it was really special. After church he showed us his temple recommend. I can’t believe how fast this all was but it’s the Lords work and its being hastened I am so blessed to be front and center for all the action. Me and My companion taught about Joseph Smith at the baptism. The turnout was really good and also we sang a special musical number, my companion has a video I will have to borrow it. I love my companion sooo much but I was a bit frustrated with her sometimes I feel like I’m doing everything myself but that’s because I’m a trainer. She won’t know what to do unless I show her how. She’s doing great and learning fast. I feel like a proud mother. We have 2 more investigators that are super interested and one the parents gave permission for him to be baptized like they are super happy about it, but they don’t want weird is that? I gave a blessing on their home, which was weird but President Egbert told us to offer and they said yes, and I felt the spirit sooo strong. Another investigator is progressing pretty well he texted us yesterday saying thank for sharing the word of God and he signed his name Hermano Gabriel. I about died I was so giddy. He is learning a lot and is has a baptism date for 24 de Mayo. He just needs to quit smoking but I really think he can do it; we just have to help him. This week has been busy we also had interviews with President Egbert and training for Family History, which we taught Daniel and he is so excited we were working and he just jumped out of his chair to call his dad to ask when his grandfather was born! Im super happy and the best part is there is so much more to be done. Look Forward with Faith everyone and never forget to look for the Hand of the Lord in your life, I know he cares about us.
-Hermana Mleynek

Thank you aunt Tiffany and all who put in any effort to send me my lovely Easter package. Out of the goodness of my heart I shared our American traditions and goodies with my companion Hna. Sauazo from Honduras. So naturally she attacked with the water gun when I was coming out of the bathroom. They don't do anything for Easter in Honduras and here in Mexico they do a weird giant 2 week Catholic celebration so we don't do anything here in the church either. I hid all the eggs and she had a lot of fun finding them then we read all the scriptures and it was really special and cool. I felt very close to my Savior. We took pictures too!! I love you all!!!! 

Oh no my badge!!

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