Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Know That the Gospel Can Change People's Lives

Hola Todos
Esta Semana was really weird, and fun and heartbreak! My companion and I have gotten lost a whole lot...Less ;) we had a lot of trouble with our appointment and our investigators. We weren´t able to meet with a lot of them. Which was moi triste. I feel optomistic though. We were able to teach lots in the combis (bus). The social aspect of the mission is a bit tricky for me, por ejemplo. 

On Saturday we had a missionary- youth activity for the whole stake. Tons of youth. They didn´t really explain to the missionaries what we were going to do, so I had 5 (16-17 year olds) and I had to teach them, how missionaries study in the morning and then give them an example of what we might share with a menos activo, less active member, and then have them practice. After that we made some french toast on the giant round hotplate t'was delicioso. I wasn't really sure what was going on I just kept working and they told me that you're just supposed to make food for yourself and then eat. Oh :) then the my group went with me for two hours to contact MA familias to teach them. Luckily I knew where to go. After visiting 6 houses with no one to teach and one hour later I didn´t give up and my girls were right behind me with enthusisasm. I was so proud. We finally found some and AH! What now? It all started very awkwardly but I shared a little message and then we were on to another house. The second time I did much better. We had a conversation I taught, shared a scripture, asked them about their thoughts/feelings had two of the girls share their testimonies and pray so they could participate. I asked Alondra, one of the girls, what the family had said in the beginning when I was mostly just nodding and smiling. She said that the husband wasn´t a member. What?! Well that´s good to know :) 

We had the grossest thing for lunch it´s pig fat I took a picture for y'all. Sunday none of our investigators were at church probably because we couldn´t meet with any of them. No!!! We got a hold of one of them Sunday night and I wrote down her whole schedule and number etc. and we made citas con ella. 

My new companion Hna Diaz likes things very clean and we spent all day cleaning the house. I didn´t really mind but I kind of wanted to do other things like write in my journal and do my laundry, etc. We did go to a little district party for Elder Clark´s birthday we gave him and present and card. The present had a canadian balloon on top  I found in our house. It looked super cool. We had a pastel for him too and our district leader Elder Beesly smashed E.C´s face into it, but we at the outside part and it was moi rico! Elders are fantastic and planning things, we ate the cake with our hands on paper towels. Then we ran to Soreana the grocery store here we got Hamburgers for lunch Whoo! 

We had a fantastic lesson with one investigator. His whole family is Christian and they meet together every week to study the bible, they don´t go to any church and they are looking for the church. Ernesto had a very special experience with the Book of Mormon and the Spirit he accepted a baptism date and said he´d go to church, he didn't we are calling him today. He wants us to meet with all of his family to teach them. There are 30 of them, he has a restaurant so there is space :D We are super excited! 

I know that the gospel can change people's lives and I know my calling is sacred and that I have the responsibility and power the help others come unto Christ. I love my savior and desire with all my heart to help God´s children except the true and everlasting gospel. The gospel brings security, peace, true happiness and strength in the lives of those who accept it. Their is no other name given in heaven or in Earth whereby men can be saved. I know this church is Christ's church and that this work is His work. God loves us very much. Listen to Him and follow His teachings.
-Hermana Mleynek
Pig Fat

New Companion

Hola from Pachuca México Mi y Hna. Diaz mi nuevo compañera. She is from Monterey Mexico and is super cool. She is 22 years old and has 13 months in the mission. She says that I am her break, because I don´t have problems and I know what I´m doing for the most part even though I am new. She is super patient and has a lot of experience training. Because I know the people and the places in this area I´ve been acting with a lot more responsiblity and I like it a lot. I don´t always know what I'm doing but she lets me try and thats awesome.

Right now I´m a little sick with a gripa, cold Achoo! Salud. :) Lots and lots of things changed. Me and Elder Reece are the only ones who are not new in our district and their are only 3 others in our whole zone who aren´t new too. so :) this is super fun. One thing I´m not super excited about is my new companion likes peanutbutter...NO!!! I have to share now. 

I am serviving and loving every minute. I feel the spirit so strong everyday and it's carrying me through. I am learning every day how to be a better missionary, and I have a great desire to be so. We had a lot of investigators fall through and not go to church this sunday and two regect their previous baptismal dates. It´s kind of discouraging but we are just going to keep working and trying to help them. 

This week I had the grossest thing to eat it was like a sweet almond pumpkin chile thing with weird nut cream sauce. I could barely eat it, and their was spaghetti made from Ketchup. Other stuff...We played football today football means soccor here. Umm...I´ve never played before and I was kind of nervous   but I did okay and wasn't the worst. It was pretty fun. My companion looks white so this week we have gotten a lot of attention. An American with a Mexican is not a big deal but 2 
Americans is a very big deal. They whistle at us and stop us to ask for directions because they think we don't know where we are or speak Spanish...but I know where we are and Hna. Diaz obviously speaks spanish so Ha! Also she taught herself English and is very fluent. Thank goodness. We got two new American Hnas this week one Hna Peterson from Mesa, Arizona and another from...Idaho I think.

The weather here is a little warmer in the day but the nights are always freezing. One funny thing here is that nobody knows when its the afternoon and when its the night. I have asked a bunch of people and their is no definitive answer. It can be 9pm and you can say ¨Buenas Tardes¨. 
I hope you are all well and thank you for being a part of life. Lots of Love,
Hna. Mleynek

Hermana Diaz

Follow Promptings

This week has been particularly hectic but on Sunday we had 4 investigators at church! There is progress. Time to panic, Hna Cebreros is leaving the area. We'll see how this goes. 

The first presidency message in the Liahona talks about new years resolutions. I want to just echo their thoughts a little. Don't ever wait to become the person you were always ment to be. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago the second best time is right now. I hope you are all doing well. 

Trust the Holy Ghost in your life. I know he is the third memeber of the godhead and has a very special purpose in all of our lives. For me when I feel nurvous energy and like I should do something this is the HG and I always feel good when I follow the promptings. The fact is that I don't always understand what my investigators need but in the moment I can follow the promptings of the HG and help them. The Lord wants us to succeed we just have to trust Him. I know spiritual promptings are more common and subtle than we think so its extra important not to ignore them. 

This morning I read the section in Doctrine and Covenants about when Christ teaches the people in heaven that hadn't accepted the gospel and I was bawling. I know that this time on the earth is very special. This is the latter days and our work to help our brothers and sisters is ALL of Our missions. The facts are that we are children of God and God wants us to help one another. The gospel helps us so we need to ...Yes Share the Gospel!  Dont forget this ever. Thoughts, lead to action, action leads to habit, habit leads to character and our character determines our destiny. 

Today we had a picnic with some members and it was delicious carne asada tacos and napoya? It's cactus with tareyaki. two nights ago I woke myself up because I was teaching a lesson in Spanish Haha! My distict is all changing tomorrow and I dont even have a picture of them. IY I will have to be beeter about it this next round about. For all yalls information this first 6 week in Pachuca we baptised 1, we have 10 investigadores with baptismal date, 65 ñlessons with investigator...10 are progressing (going to church) , 21 contacted, 19 new ivestigadores, 77 lessons with less actives and recent converts, and 5 new baptism dates :) our goal this month is for 3 to be baptized and 4 next month. 

Other things haha this week I was out of money it was very funny trying to deal with that, Im learning how to be more careful this month. We had stake conference saturday and Sunday and it was very good I understood the first 5 talks and then after that my brain started getting fuzzy. I have other stuff but nos vamos. Audios 
-Hna Mleynek

This picture is of Hna. Torres she is the sweetest Angel I've ever met she always gives us candy and water and in the night time before we go home she always tries to cook us a snack and drive us home. This Sunday she sent a plate of sandwiches for us and went on a bunch of visits with us. Like 99% of the women here she doesn't have a man to help and support her. Its really to bad.  The other is of two young-ens that go on visits with us too they have a powerful testimony of the gospel and always share it. Alba wants to go on a mission and of course so do Luis Angel. 

Hermana Torres

Seek Guidance From Heavenly Father

Dear People reading my letters,
I swear it was just Monday. I can´t tell you how fast time is flying. It is Pollo Loco :P Interesting Fact: Nobody here knows what Taco Bell is and apparently burritos don´t exist. Well there goes all my preparation for food before the mission. Well they do have Pastes Yay! But I have yet had the opportunity to partake.

The days are long and short at the same time and the morning are getting a little tough because it feels as though I never slept. It´s one long continuum of never ending time and It is the BEST. La Mejor! We have been teaching Loads It´s Loco. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

This week I wish to express to you all my deep sincere gratitude for my Heavenly Father because he loves us soo much. When we constantly turn to him and seek his guidance he will give us all that we need to grow and succeed. After one particularly despairing trial I experienced a great sense of accomplishment and growth. I know Heavenly Father would never let me down. I was reminded of when Joseph Smith was attacked in the sacred grove but instead of ceasing to call upon God he increased His plea and we know what happened next :) I feel very enlightened and I know that my attained knowledge and confidence is something that was not possible for me to attain and Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and how to support us in our trials. In Liberty jail God told Joseph that all things are for his good. I know this is true for all of us. 
I have loads more but not much time, Adios 
Love, Hermana Mleynek

Here is a photo of me and mi Companera Hermana Cebreros at our favorito its not a restaurant but I forgot what it´s called story of my life. At least people here have fun making fun of me :) Actually I am improving very quickly everyone tells me. I have lots of opportunities to practice I talk to everyone of the bus to get referrals and just to practice. It´s very irritating to have Hna. Cebreros translate I want to do it myself :P I sound like I´m 5 ...