Sunday, February 23, 2014

Follow Promptings

This week has been particularly hectic but on Sunday we had 4 investigators at church! There is progress. Time to panic, Hna Cebreros is leaving the area. We'll see how this goes. 

The first presidency message in the Liahona talks about new years resolutions. I want to just echo their thoughts a little. Don't ever wait to become the person you were always ment to be. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago the second best time is right now. I hope you are all doing well. 

Trust the Holy Ghost in your life. I know he is the third memeber of the godhead and has a very special purpose in all of our lives. For me when I feel nurvous energy and like I should do something this is the HG and I always feel good when I follow the promptings. The fact is that I don't always understand what my investigators need but in the moment I can follow the promptings of the HG and help them. The Lord wants us to succeed we just have to trust Him. I know spiritual promptings are more common and subtle than we think so its extra important not to ignore them. 

This morning I read the section in Doctrine and Covenants about when Christ teaches the people in heaven that hadn't accepted the gospel and I was bawling. I know that this time on the earth is very special. This is the latter days and our work to help our brothers and sisters is ALL of Our missions. The facts are that we are children of God and God wants us to help one another. The gospel helps us so we need to ...Yes Share the Gospel!  Dont forget this ever. Thoughts, lead to action, action leads to habit, habit leads to character and our character determines our destiny. 

Today we had a picnic with some members and it was delicious carne asada tacos and napoya? It's cactus with tareyaki. two nights ago I woke myself up because I was teaching a lesson in Spanish Haha! My distict is all changing tomorrow and I dont even have a picture of them. IY I will have to be beeter about it this next round about. For all yalls information this first 6 week in Pachuca we baptised 1, we have 10 investigadores with baptismal date, 65 ├▒lessons with investigator...10 are progressing (going to church) , 21 contacted, 19 new ivestigadores, 77 lessons with less actives and recent converts, and 5 new baptism dates :) our goal this month is for 3 to be baptized and 4 next month. 

Other things haha this week I was out of money it was very funny trying to deal with that, Im learning how to be more careful this month. We had stake conference saturday and Sunday and it was very good I understood the first 5 talks and then after that my brain started getting fuzzy. I have other stuff but nos vamos. Audios 
-Hna Mleynek

This picture is of Hna. Torres she is the sweetest Angel I've ever met she always gives us candy and water and in the night time before we go home she always tries to cook us a snack and drive us home. This Sunday she sent a plate of sandwiches for us and went on a bunch of visits with us. Like 99% of the women here she doesn't have a man to help and support her. Its really to bad.  The other is of two young-ens that go on visits with us too they have a powerful testimony of the gospel and always share it. Alba wants to go on a mission and of course so do Luis Angel. 

Hermana Torres

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