Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seek Guidance From Heavenly Father

Dear People reading my letters,
I swear it was just Monday. I can´t tell you how fast time is flying. It is Pollo Loco :P Interesting Fact: Nobody here knows what Taco Bell is and apparently burritos don´t exist. Well there goes all my preparation for food before the mission. Well they do have Pastes Yay! But I have yet had the opportunity to partake.

The days are long and short at the same time and the morning are getting a little tough because it feels as though I never slept. It´s one long continuum of never ending time and It is the BEST. La Mejor! We have been teaching Loads It´s Loco. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

This week I wish to express to you all my deep sincere gratitude for my Heavenly Father because he loves us soo much. When we constantly turn to him and seek his guidance he will give us all that we need to grow and succeed. After one particularly despairing trial I experienced a great sense of accomplishment and growth. I know Heavenly Father would never let me down. I was reminded of when Joseph Smith was attacked in the sacred grove but instead of ceasing to call upon God he increased His plea and we know what happened next :) I feel very enlightened and I know that my attained knowledge and confidence is something that was not possible for me to attain and Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and how to support us in our trials. In Liberty jail God told Joseph that all things are for his good. I know this is true for all of us. 
I have loads more but not much time, Adios 
Love, Hermana Mleynek

Here is a photo of me and mi Companera Hermana Cebreros at our favorito its not a restaurant but I forgot what it´s called story of my life. At least people here have fun making fun of me :) Actually I am improving very quickly everyone tells me. I have lots of opportunities to practice I talk to everyone of the bus to get referrals and just to practice. It´s very irritating to have Hna. Cebreros translate I want to do it myself :P I sound like I´m 5 ...

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