Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Companion

Hola from Pachuca México Mi y Hna. Diaz mi nuevo compañera. She is from Monterey Mexico and is super cool. She is 22 years old and has 13 months in the mission. She says that I am her break, because I don´t have problems and I know what I´m doing for the most part even though I am new. She is super patient and has a lot of experience training. Because I know the people and the places in this area I´ve been acting with a lot more responsiblity and I like it a lot. I don´t always know what I'm doing but she lets me try and thats awesome.

Right now I´m a little sick with a gripa, cold Achoo! Salud. :) Lots and lots of things changed. Me and Elder Reece are the only ones who are not new in our district and their are only 3 others in our whole zone who aren´t new too. so :) this is super fun. One thing I´m not super excited about is my new companion likes peanutbutter...NO!!! I have to share now. 

I am serviving and loving every minute. I feel the spirit so strong everyday and it's carrying me through. I am learning every day how to be a better missionary, and I have a great desire to be so. We had a lot of investigators fall through and not go to church this sunday and two regect their previous baptismal dates. It´s kind of discouraging but we are just going to keep working and trying to help them. 

This week I had the grossest thing to eat it was like a sweet almond pumpkin chile thing with weird nut cream sauce. I could barely eat it, and their was spaghetti made from Ketchup. Other stuff...We played football today football means soccor here. Umm...I´ve never played before and I was kind of nervous   but I did okay and wasn't the worst. It was pretty fun. My companion looks white so this week we have gotten a lot of attention. An American with a Mexican is not a big deal but 2 
Americans is a very big deal. They whistle at us and stop us to ask for directions because they think we don't know where we are or speak Spanish...but I know where we are and Hna. Diaz obviously speaks spanish so Ha! Also she taught herself English and is very fluent. Thank goodness. We got two new American Hnas this week one Hna Peterson from Mesa, Arizona and another from...Idaho I think.

The weather here is a little warmer in the day but the nights are always freezing. One funny thing here is that nobody knows when its the afternoon and when its the night. I have asked a bunch of people and their is no definitive answer. It can be 9pm and you can say ¨Buenas Tardes¨. 
I hope you are all well and thank you for being a part of life. Lots of Love,
Hna. Mleynek

Hermana Diaz

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