Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Know That the Gospel Can Change People's Lives

Hola Todos
Esta Semana was really weird, and fun and heartbreak! My companion and I have gotten lost a whole lot...Less ;) we had a lot of trouble with our appointment and our investigators. We weren´t able to meet with a lot of them. Which was moi triste. I feel optomistic though. We were able to teach lots in the combis (bus). The social aspect of the mission is a bit tricky for me, por ejemplo. 

On Saturday we had a missionary- youth activity for the whole stake. Tons of youth. They didn´t really explain to the missionaries what we were going to do, so I had 5 (16-17 year olds) and I had to teach them, how missionaries study in the morning and then give them an example of what we might share with a menos activo, less active member, and then have them practice. After that we made some french toast on the giant round hotplate t'was delicioso. I wasn't really sure what was going on I just kept working and they told me that you're just supposed to make food for yourself and then eat. Oh :) then the my group went with me for two hours to contact MA familias to teach them. Luckily I knew where to go. After visiting 6 houses with no one to teach and one hour later I didn´t give up and my girls were right behind me with enthusisasm. I was so proud. We finally found some and AH! What now? It all started very awkwardly but I shared a little message and then we were on to another house. The second time I did much better. We had a conversation I taught, shared a scripture, asked them about their thoughts/feelings had two of the girls share their testimonies and pray so they could participate. I asked Alondra, one of the girls, what the family had said in the beginning when I was mostly just nodding and smiling. She said that the husband wasn´t a member. What?! Well that´s good to know :) 

We had the grossest thing for lunch it´s pig fat I took a picture for y'all. Sunday none of our investigators were at church probably because we couldn´t meet with any of them. No!!! We got a hold of one of them Sunday night and I wrote down her whole schedule and number etc. and we made citas con ella. 

My new companion Hna Diaz likes things very clean and we spent all day cleaning the house. I didn´t really mind but I kind of wanted to do other things like write in my journal and do my laundry, etc. We did go to a little district party for Elder Clark´s birthday we gave him and present and card. The present had a canadian balloon on top  I found in our house. It looked super cool. We had a pastel for him too and our district leader Elder Beesly smashed E.C´s face into it, but we at the outside part and it was moi rico! Elders are fantastic and planning things, we ate the cake with our hands on paper towels. Then we ran to Soreana the grocery store here we got Hamburgers for lunch Whoo! 

We had a fantastic lesson with one investigator. His whole family is Christian and they meet together every week to study the bible, they don´t go to any church and they are looking for the church. Ernesto had a very special experience with the Book of Mormon and the Spirit he accepted a baptism date and said he´d go to church, he didn't we are calling him today. He wants us to meet with all of his family to teach them. There are 30 of them, he has a restaurant so there is space :D We are super excited! 

I know that the gospel can change people's lives and I know my calling is sacred and that I have the responsibility and power the help others come unto Christ. I love my savior and desire with all my heart to help God´s children except the true and everlasting gospel. The gospel brings security, peace, true happiness and strength in the lives of those who accept it. Their is no other name given in heaven or in Earth whereby men can be saved. I know this church is Christ's church and that this work is His work. God loves us very much. Listen to Him and follow His teachings.
-Hermana Mleynek
Pig Fat

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