Saturday, March 22, 2014

Work is the Devil

Wow Time Flies by so sooooooo quickly there never seems to be time for anything and that scares me some, because I want our investigators to progress and then Sunday comes along and none of them are in Church. Work is the Devil because it´s the reason none of them came, they had Work. Bleh! Except Margarita. She´s having a time of it though, everyday is an emotional roller coaster but she is so consistent coming the church. She really is quite special, very in tune with the spirit. I have high hopes for others but they just need to understand the significance of church and gain a testimony then were good to go with a baptism. Why is life so busy, no one takes the time to listen to the needs of their soul. I don´t believe life is that complicated we make it that way.

Well trying to stay positive there are new prospects every day. I have been practicing contacting people in the combies and street and it´s very effective. I have not been turned down once...the problem is that not ONE person lives in our area, we always have to give the reference to someone else. I believe in the power of prayer and their is a lot more to it then just asking for something. If you can align your will with God's that's when miracles start happening. I know there are people I need to find and if I can pray to do God's will. He will help me, it´s a matter of humility and work and more work.

I love it I really do, I am in another world entirely. I have forgotten what life was all about before. I know I am going to be one of those RMs who has no purpose in life when they get home and always tries to go out with the missionaries.

As I am developing the skills I need to find and teach people the gospel my desire to have people progress has increased tremendously. I guess I need to be more patient. This work is simply amazing, there are not baptisms left and right but I am working harder then I can even believe. My feet carry me places and we work so much!

This Saturday we had a ward picnic and there were 7 investigators! I didn't know any better before but our ward is pretty small :( we're trying to change that. Hope I´ll have more amazing things to tell you next week.Sorry I don´t have any pictures. Love you ALL.

-Hermana Mleynek

PS: The Power Puff Girls- Chicas Super Poderosas: Bonbòn. burbuja y bellota which doesn´t translate the same it means marshmallow, bubble and acorn hehe! :)

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