Saturday, March 22, 2014

1st Transfer

Hola Familia y Amigos
Hay muchos cosas nuevo y tengo mucho emocion por la exito en mi area. Yay! Cambios :) Audios mi primer area. (There are many new things and have much excitement for the success in my area.) Yay! Changes Audios my first area :) I am going to miss a lot of people but my time here is complete. I have no idea whats going to happen tomorrow but I do know 1. It´s the Lord´s will La voluntad de Dios (The will of God) and 2. It´s going to be a pain...literally I have a lot of stuff and I have to carry it all :( Oh well I´m getting really used to the little aches and pains and they don´t bother me anymore.) Although last night I had weirdo dreams and I woke myself and my companion up talking about two of our new investigators. She says I´m getting way good at teaching lessons in all Spanish in my sleep. Hehe.

Yeah but really exciting news. This week we found a new family it was a reference from the Elders and we taught them some English and they totally love us and then we taught them about the Book of Mormon and invited them to an activity and to tour the church and they came and love it. They have baptisms dates for the 13th of April if everything goes really well. I really love this family they are amazing and super cool. After church they asked if they could play football (soccer) with me and my companion today but we told them probably not because there are a thousand and 5 things to do before transfers. Were teaching them tonight WHOohoo!

Ary is being baptized this Saturday and I´m going to miss it :( that´s the way the cookie crumbles but she's super ready no stress. I almost had a heart attack this Saunday when I thought the first counselor was going to forget to announce her baptism but he didn't. Note: the word for heart attack is super hilarious in Spanish. Look it up :)

Pachuca is so weird everyday has all four seasons. It´s hot then windy and cold and then rainy. Tango uno mas foto para unsted es. I love the missionaries aqui en Pachuca. My district was super cool it started off with just me and Elder Reece and now we're the two in transfers. I am loving every moment. I can´t believe how lucky I am that I never get sick. I mean there are definitely days I do not feel well but I have yet to get sick sick. My companion is a hypochondriac. Her mom is a doctor and we're always running to the pharmacy or she´ll die. :)

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. Lots of hugs and side cheek kisses because actually you do that here and it will be very hard to stop that habit. Keep up your individual endeavors of missionary work and tell me how it goes. Si se puede!!!

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