Monday, April 13, 2015


Well I can’t tell you all how super happy I am right now! Why you might ask...well I am always happy serving the Lord. I love being here in Mexico and preaching and teaching the gospel. I hope that if you have reservations about serving a mission or in a calling that you put them aside and know that our Heavenly Father loves and wants His children to learn and progress and the best way to accomplish this purpose is serving! Work, work, work! We had to for sure baptism dates and investigators to go to church this week and zip nada no one came and they left us hanging (plantadas) so today we are going to visit them and see what’s up. I am learning a lot about patience and how it ties in with a life of faith because really we can’t understand all that goes on or why for that reason we have the spirit. The Holy Ghost was sent to comfort us. When I DON'T understand I just remember that it’s okay. Ask the Mormons always say Keep Calm and Carry On. I continue to be inspired and uplifted by the messages of conference as I have downloaded them and am now listening every possible moment that isn't annoying to my companion. I have always been such a conference junkie. Well I’ll let you all know what new and excited adventure this week will bring. I think it’s going to rain the sky is shouting.
Hermana Mleynek

#1 We saw someone selling a litter of baby pugs in the street I wanted them all!!
(haha I thought of a joke...dont litter these pugs in the street Ill take them home with me just kidding we cant have pets get it...because its a litter of pug puppies)

#2 I want to visit Lego land

#3 I started crying last night when a sister made carrot cake for me

#4 my companion has an addiction to clothing but it’s alright with me because she shares hehe but I think she should get some help :P

Well that’s all for now. Cuidense.  Bye! :DLove,

This is a pic of our zone conference the trio is back haha
just for the picture, but it was cool to be with them again!

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