Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Doing Everything I Can to Build the Kingdom

Wow something interesting is that I am still talking in my sleep. Excellent Spanish practically every night teaching lessons. So yes aunt Tiff I am eating and breathing the gospel 24/7 :) Also wow I can’t believe there was an earthquake super cra cra!

Well this week was super busy and awesome.  I love the work.  We are having we have 6 investigators progressing towards baptisms. Oscar, Angel, Maria del Sol, Marta, Carlos, y Hna. Guillermina. That one’s a mouthful.  But seriously I am so excited...there is one more that had a baptism date but couldn’t come to church this Sunday and she said she wanted to get baptized the eleventh for my birthday :(

The ward here is so involved in missionary work. I am so inspired by so many wonderful faithful servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know he lives and will come again. I know that the church is His church and we are led and directed by constant revelation. I know I have a million and 7 reasons to be happy-optimistic and ecstatic about life. I feel overwhelmed but in a really good way. I want to do everything I can to build the kingdom and ensure that souls  make the decision to start their new lives and follow Christ and live in Heaven in the presence of our father.

I am nowhere near perfect but I feel perfect in these moments with these people here in Mexico. The spirit makes me feel complete and I know that by being obedient and serving with all my heart might mind and strength it will bring the smile of God’s approval in my life and the people around me will be blessed. I need Him every hour and when I am tempted to lose focus I try and do everything I can to bring the spirit. Discouragement is a distraction from what we can do and become so put the past in the past and start over every day.

I love you all and am so grateful for you letters, prayers and support...did I mention I love yall! I hope you all find little ways to show your love to those around you, because if you don’t show your love you might lose it, and that includes the Love we have for God and our savior Jesus Christ. Live purposefully, God has a plan for your day and trust me it’s a marvelous one! Peace, love and missionary hugs

Hermana Mleynek
Viva Mexico

P.S. Mexico lost in the soccer world cup...football is huge here people are seriously depressed wow
P.P.S. My companion and I made broccoli smoothies this morning and our Argentinian companion refused to eat it
I saw my (daughter in the mission) Hna Suazo today with her (daughter, my granddaughter)
Onward ever onward, off to find more people to be baptized :)

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