Monday, September 15, 2014

Shakira songs in English?

Greetings for the state of Hidalgo,
I don’t know why I always dread writing this letter. I always feel like I won’t have anything to say or you all are going to think me and my mission are soo boring :P hehe I just want you all to know how happy I am. Life is so precious and the quality of it is determined by our choices. What we do and don’t do affect everyone. Being with my companion has made me realize the importance of being loving and forgiving. I love my companion but I am having a hard time showing it, but she says she appreciates that I am always positive and happy. When we get stressed it affects our relationships. I have to work on being more loving. I hope you all can take this challenge with me and we can share how it went. Well I am way more comfortable in my area this week. Our area covers 6 neighborhoods and 5 other towns! Juan Doe, Tinaco, Teltipan, Munitepec and Cero de la cruz. They are small towns but still ya! It is such a miracle that I know where I am going but before my last companion left me she told I am sorry that we never went to all the towns of our area and I was like What?! She said that she was lost a lot of the time but pretended like she knew where we were and I totally believed her and I've tried doing the same with my new companion Sis Gonzalez and it’s worked for the most part and now she knows where she’s going for the most part. I made pancakes this morning and after cleaning the house I got the shakes pretty bad. I suspect I have problems with my blood sugar because if I don’t eat I feel pretty week. Other miracles: we have two investigators progressing one baptism month is for Yaneli (21) and 1 the next month Dennisse (9). They are super great! I am much more submerged this week. Last week things like music and movies were really drawing my attention but this week I could care less and that’s good because one block from our house there is a huge music festival! I love Mexican music la Verdad! I so am not native speaking yet but I enjoy speaking and praying, teaching a little bit less because I still can’t get past tense down. Uh but I found out that I have a skill for translating. Sister Egbert was talking to my companion and I and I could translate everything into Spanish. Afterword my companion told me a story how her other American comp couldn’t translate anything but she speaks better than I do. Ni modo! T= OH well. Well our time is about up! Viva México! Today and tomorrow is going to be crazy. I’m going to take lots of photos if I get the chance! haha other funny story really quick we were waiting for the combi and two Africans past by and they were speaking in African and my companion literally bent over pointing at them with her head sticking out the window and said Look. I had already seen them but in American we tend not to point out other races color and nationality too much so I didn't make a spectacle of it but it was super funny her reaction. I was like stop pointing because I know how they must feel. Here when I pass by everyone says Guera (pronounced Wera) and it’s because I’m white. It’s nicer than saying gringo but I guess black people are even more uncommon. Well on that spiritual note I must go. Have a great week everyone. I love you all and I love the Lord. Remember Christlike love is the greatest need we have on this planet; we can change the world with righteousness!
Paz y amor,
Hermana Mleynek

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