Monday, September 1, 2014

Week Who Knows

Well hello there,
:) Greetings from Mexico. Everyone here is super excited because September is there month to celebrate their country! I hope you are all doing fannnntastic! I am super extra happy this week I have no idea why but I have good news! We finally have an investigator progressing! The story begins about 3 weeks ago on a bus. I was giving a lesson and I asked if someone would like to give the prayer and one woman said yes and so she gave the prayer and the we passed pall all the passengers to contact them and guess what...she is a member inactive and we asked for her name and direction but she was like maybe one day you can visit and she was gone poof. So we went visiting with Sis. Mascoro she’s amazing ward missionary and we visited this woman and we were like You! hahaha diabolically laughing that  God is smarter than the in actives who hide from us. But anyway she was actually happy for the visit. I could feel the spirit telling me to show her lots of love and she shared with us that she felt bad but being a single mom of 4 she has to work and her work start at 11 on Sundays. We told her that it was okay and that we loved her and that we wanted her daughter to learn and prepare for baptism and Dennisse (9 years old) was all on board. And she went to church this Sunday and had a super awesome time and we talked with her and she wants all her family to go. She has a light inside of her that is really special I know that she will make a big difference in her family and that God loves them so much.

Other stuff: My companion has transfers so tomorrow I’ll have a new companion. I feel like crying, and actually did cry. I have grown really close to Sis. Molina. She is a wonderful person I love and will miss her. I am ready to work as always and am looking forward to the struggle of trying to get around and maybe training again...we’ll see. I am grateful for this time dedicated to the Lord because I have grown closer to Him as well and he helps and supports me in my trials. This week Lupita and her kids were at the church whoo! They didn't have money last week to go but they pulled through this week and I am super grateful. Something new: I can’t remember what a fast food restaurant looks like, I wash my clothes by hand, I love Mexican candy and salsa, I like teaching and speaking in public, my hair is longer. Things that are the same: I am trying to be like Jesus, I love you all and I am praying for you all. Adventures hmm...One sister named Isaura recently moved back to Mexico and we have been visiting her because she was just baptized well a lot of her family members are super prepared to receive the gospel and she is an excellent missionary so I know that she is here for a reason and other thing that’s cool is that I had a dream of meeting her in the chapel before she came here. God has a plan and it’s so exciting I love it! Keep on keeping on, may the force be with you, namely the Holy Ghost :)

The photo is of a tiny motorcycle and that’s it nothing particularly special.

Lots of of Love,
Hermana Mleynek

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