Monday, September 22, 2014

The Longest Letter I've Written So Far

Another week and I honestly don't know where the days went. I had the goal to write in my journal everyday and it seemed like I sat down every night to write and I was like Whoa its Thursday! haha anyway this week was interesting with little scares and lots and lots of Joy. The best thing that happened was that we had 8 people promise to come to church which gave us a lot of hope because the past two weeks no one said that they would come apart from Dennisse and Yaneli. Pero, the other 6 people didn't come I just felt so excited but I guess its not their time yet I thought it would have been so great since we were teaching about families in church and there is a couple who have problems in their marriage and other stuff too. Yaneli has made leeps of progress. She is so strong in the gospel is reading and praying more than her brother who is a recent convert. She even wrote a talk to share in sacrament meeting and she shared it with us and it was super deep. She studies all sources from the church. She is a gifted write I was so impressed. Also Denise seems to be progressing a little bit slower but her example is so beautiful how reverent she is in Sacrament meeting. The members help a lot with our investigators.

Our branch has been suffering because members that assist the other ward belong to our branch but haven't come and we don't have members to fulfill a bunch of calling but this week one family moved over and one of them is a jovensita or young woman. I know that because of the diligence of the members the Lords is answering their prayers. I know He has His own time and that He answers according to our OBEDIENCE. Our branch is such a good example and experts in fellowshiping they welcome and befriend all they bring such a sweet spirit. We have been trying super hard to get the people to the church and the Lord is providing ways but were not going to know how close the Lord is willing to come if we don't act first. I have a billion and one specific stories but no time to share all.

So last week I totally took pictures of some stuff but I keep having bad luck with the computers one week there was no adapter to connect my camera and this week I remembered my cord and my computer wont read it oh well. Today we have a super awesome zone activity planned I am lucking forward to it. se llama carneasado carne=meat so I think its a BBQ I hope there is pie :) I have so been craving your pie Micah as November is just around the corner!

I have 3 funny stories about my companion and one about myself. There is a song that says "No parace si si" and to me it sounds like "Nopales si si" which are cactuses that people eat here. And I always sing it when we pass by cactus that are nopales and anyway my companion always makes this face like No and your crazy but I think its funny AND the other day during exercise we were listening to an English  CD and it said a word and it sounded like another English word to her and she chuckled like it was the same thing and I was like HA! You do it too!  #2 We were looking for a reference and we passed into a field to get to a house that was a little bit uh...I can only think of how to say it in Spanish. Anyway the woman came out and my companion was like Oh Hi Janet and she was oh Hi how are you and then we figured out that she didn't know us and we were like oops do you know a different Janet and then she told us where to go but she asked us how did you get back here our neighbors dog in front is super aggressive and always barks and bites people who approach and then her husband came out and said the same thing and we introduced ourselves and he said that we must have God with us and we made an appointment with them Yay! #3 my companion has shared with me a lot of funny songs she likes from a program about puppets. I think their awesome I don't judge. One of them is super funny if you know Spanish.Well until next time. I love you all.
-Hermanan Mleynek

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