Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hola Hermana! I'm at the MTC. I got to the airport about 20 other missionaries showed up and sat with me. Three other sisters. I had to carry all of my luggage off the conveyor belt and to the car and then peeps at the MTC helped me lots. There are so many cool people here. I am in a district that is awesome - 4 elders and 4 sisters. All four of the sisters Hermana Sharmckle, DeFranco e mi companion Daines are going to Pachuca! We are the first sisters to arrive from North America. All the sisters are from Mexico.

I love it here every second is busy. I have never been so busy but I am not stressed. I am trying my hardest with Spanish. We are teaching our first Spanish investigator soon. I love you, Te ammo. I am so happy to be on my mission! I don't have our sisters e-mails. Can you send them to me? Send me an e-mail :D I don't care how long.

My companion is crazy she spent the enitre P Day (that's today Friday every week) writing super long letters to every member of her family including about 7 hand written cards. My bishop told me not to worry if I couldn't keep in touch too much and honestly I'm so exhausted I've only written a couple of lines in my journal. Ah! I'll try harder. The spirit is so strong and is helping me do the impossible. I'm grateful for you in my life.
Hermana Mleynek

P.S. Today I helped someone carry their milk to their car. I lost my missionary badge I have a spare though. I ate a caramel apple some sisters left at our house the first night. Went to the temple. Missionaries get to rent clothes for free and they have cinnamon rolls in the cafeteria bigger then my head for 75 cents. It is so great to have a companion. I see the benefits of being with and accountable to a for another person.

MTC Companion - Hermana Daines

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  1. Love the pic of all the sisters together. They all look so excited :)