Monday, May 12, 2014

Commitments Are Super Important

Hello World! I’m sorry this letter is going to be a bit dry. I’m so exhausted but I am going to try to give you all a good report and some juicy details.

Well the week started off fantastic, 5 lessons on Sunday, we were on fire and feeling good. We got a reference to a house in our neighborhood and found of that no one lives there...Great! We had a lesson with two of our investigators that are super interested but not yet progressing as far going to were trying to keep them excited about going to church because they have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Which is super great. I am always amazing by the power of the Book of Mormon, we take it for granted. As a mission we are reading the Book of Mormon together. We visited a less active family and got to teach two of their cousins the first lesson.  We’ll see how that goes. I was really surprised how little the family actually knew about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so were teaching that to practically everyone because it is muy importante.  We also are visiting this super intellectually know it all who’s is always flirting with us but his questions are super good and he is keep the commitments we’re giving him. Commitments are super important. There are a thousand and five easy reasons not to do something but if we teach the reason why and then COMMIT them to doing something their faith grows soo much. Daniel our new convert is super active in seminary and is even going on visits to other less active young men in our ward to help teach. And He wants to serve a mission. His older brother is being pretty consistent again in the church.

Speaking of consistency, this Thursday we had a zone conference and it was all about consistency and it was Great!! I feel so much more desire to endure and be more consistent in all the sometimes demanding work of being a missionary. We tried visiting some other possible progressing investigators but it didn't really amount to anything as of yet. We started visiting a new investigator his name is Raul. He is a bit troubled but in a good way....because he feels lost spiritually and he left his other church because they didn't help him progress as a person. He has begun praying and reading the Book of Mormon so we’re going to help him fill the void that he has in his life, that we all have at one point in our life.

We had a cool activity this week in the church for Mother’s day. A production of songs, dances and a drama performance about mothers that was super funny. It’s cool how you don’t actually have to understand what is said to have a good laugh. And we celebrated 3 birthdays of our investigators this week. I am getting along with companion more. Okay and one day we were looking for people to teach and absolutely no one was home. We went everywhere! So we start looking through our list of less active and we remember one that we told a sister we would look for. So we get to the house super far away and no one is home like everyone else. BUT we go the neighbors on both sides! AND! No one is home either BUT we go to the house two doors away and a man answers and he tells us to wait a second so he can put on a shirt. And we kind of shrug our shoulders Okay that’s fine! Then he introduces himself, “I’m Lemuel and I’m a member.”  Seriously?! He is inactive and has only lived here in the neighborhood for 1 month. He was nice but was kind of like, "Oh no. how did they find me." He’s an engineer and is never at home and he is the only member in his family. Caching! We were absolutely amazed at the power of the Lord. He has a way of doing His work and He obviously has a message for this brother. ;)

This Sunday Gabriel couldn't come to church because of work!!  So now we have to move his baptism to the 30th of May. I think it’s okay though because like we have seen before the Lord has a plan far more perfect than we could ever come up with. We brought a member of the priesthood and his wife to visit Gabriel. He was super excited about his baptism and at the end of the lesson he asked for more homework in the Book of Mormon. We gave him a pamphlet for the plan of salvation and scripture marking pencil to begin the Book of Mormon from the beginning. We gave a lesson of the Holy Ghost and he expressed some personal experiences that caused him a bit alarm...Satan working against him. So the brother with us, Bro. Ruben, gave Him a blessing and it was so powerful. The room was absolutely glowing with fuzzy feeling and Gabriel was super emotional and grateful and in the blessing it was said that Gabriel was chosen in the life before this one to learn and accept the gospel and that he could have the blessing to know the church was true. This Saturday we have the baptism of Lucila the mom of Daniel. She is doing super well and she has such a great testimony of the church she really gets it, she’s a very genuine person. She also gave me and my companion shirts she bought for us.

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