Monday, May 19, 2014

We Are One

Wow what a great week except my companion was sick twice but at least I wasn't sick, except I kind of was. We had an amazing zone conference with the mission president and his wife from Argentina, the Walkers, who came and spoke with us. They are the bomb. Argentinians speak Spanish but every time there is a double ll in Spanish it sounds like sh. For example: Nuestra llamamiento in spanish in mexico ll is y, but in Argentina its sh. super cool and funny }:)

I hope everyone is doing super well. My companion and I had some super ambitious goals this week but it turned out we didn’t have any time because of visas, a capacitacion, conferencia para la consejo de barrio (a training conference for ward council), a surprise planning meeting for missionaries and our Baptism Whoo!! Happy Birthday Elder Legler we helped a sweet soul come unto Christ. So we didn’t come close to meeting our goals but I feel super good none the less.

We are working with Gabriel and trying to find new people. We have received loads of references and talking to loads more people but nothing yet. My prayers are a lot more specific and I am truly enjoying the work of the Lord. I urge all of you to help out the missionaries in your ward they are in wards for a reason. The missionary work is the responsibility of everyone. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting this week on Priesthood and also we gave a capacitacion de los miembros acerca de la obra missional (training of members on the missionary work). Somos Uno! Yaya! We are one and we can all work together.

Today me and my companion felt like cooking because were super poor and can’t buy food :) but I am trying to be healthier.

The baptism of Lucila was super special because her son Daniel got to baptize her. He has only been a member 1 month!! I love the mission as always every new area, companion and ward has its difficulties but I got to tell you contention is of the devil so don’t do it. I don’t care if you’re right or wrong. Well that’s random. Well I have loads more to say but it’s time to go. So see you all next time.

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