Monday, October 20, 2014

Hasta Ver (To See)

Hola mis seres queridos,
I hope with all my heart that you are all doing fantastical! So here was my week we finished up pday strong and went off to work had 3 appointments set up they went super good and we felt the spirit and feeling optimistic we had a day full! But...we hardly had any work Tuesday :( and we felt a bit sad but we talked to lots of people and made appointments with them Wednesday went worse as far a work we were so sad and pretty much for 3 days it was like that. We visited Dennisse and she has been keeping all her commitments but her mom is super stressed about work because they don’t have money and hasn't helped at all and so she has been missing some Sundays. She does have a testimony but it’s very week. We are praying so much for this family to help them. So Saturday went bomb awesome with only 6 lessons but at least we found people. We do have one investigator that actually seems to want to listen. Her name is Mariel she accepted a baptism date but that we found out she really has a good reason why she can’t come to church and I was like urrr Ratas. We found a bunch of old investigators and got to know them a little more. Yesterday there was only 1 investigator at church and her name is Monserat she has a lot good qualities but she also has a disease mentally that she can’t stop talking. In Relief Society she raised her hand to comment on something and she wove it into about 8 or 9 completely unrelated stories with no sign of stopping the teacher tried her best to cut in nicely but Monserat jumped in again and it was super awkward the two of them talking at the same time. The same thing happens when we come to teach her, I about lose my mind every time. Yaneli was at church and we had a very full class for Gospel Principles and well guess what the topic for the week was? of chastity soo fun. I tried to be super mature but yeah a little awkward especially since about 3 of the 6 people in class are not living it. Don’t worry I didn't beat around the bush I know what’s what and I told em but in a super nice way. We started off the week good with a record 8 lessons whoo!! It’s nice having church in the morning because we can work the rest of the day and at the same time not nice because all the investigators are sleeping ah phooey. I pray a lot for God to help us know what to do. Our area is a bit stale. Everyone has a reason why no but it reminds me in the history of Joseph Smith how people deny the power of God and it’s so true the ones who acknowledge the existence and power of God would listen to us but a lot of people are just comfortable one of the most dangerous states to be in. This is making me more bold.  I am so desperate for people to just ask God. I don’t care if they ignore me but don’t ignore God please! I know He lives and loves us, I know that this is His Church the one and only church of the face of this planet we call home. I know Thomas Spencer Monson is the Lord’s prophet Thank you for your prayers.  I feel them I feel your love. I know an important part about life and especially in the mission is realizing a developing our spiritual gifts.
-Hermana Mleynek

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