Monday, October 6, 2014

Viva San Francisco!¡....haha Jk!! Seriously

Well Its that glorious time again to write the fam. I have had an exhausting week but not so much physically but more mentally. I have been pondering a lot. I got kinda mad at my companion but we worked it out and now I have figured out that sometimes people need time to think and work things out so I have distanced myself in a loving way from my companion and it actually has helped. we are more patient and kind with another. I am not sure if this works with everyone but it works with her so the lesson of the day is that we shouldn't give ourselves the right of being mad at anyone. Me and my companion have lots of plans for lots of success this week with the church services being here in our area. I am building  my testimony up in a lot of ways and was especially inspired by the talks in conference about personal revelation. We don't need to wonder when we can know. I am not exactly sure why people choose to just keep living in confusion and doubt but I know that they can know and that's our job to tell them, and tell them again, invite them and invite them again until they figure it out that God actually will and is responding. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know God exists and loves me. I know that the power of the atonement washes away sin. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know I have much more to learn. haha but spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers and my answers have come and will come from my loving Heavenly Father and so will yours. I promise you this. Not much happened this week but we visited a lot of less actives to get them excited about the church being here. Cough Cough Toz Toz Come to church!!! :)

The end. Love, Hermana Mleynek

Just kidding Ill explain these crazy picture. So there is a special saint for this town his name is San Francisco and they do a giant week long party for Him. It is seriously crazy, not in a wow way in a what are these people doing?¿ there is a fair and music and fireworks and parades Saturday for his birthday and Sunday for I don't know what and then there is another parade this Sunday too and tower of light and dances in the catholic church and they decorate the streets with flowers and streamers and alters and lights etc. etc. ridiculousness. I have videos of the bands and drums and the crazy fireworks and bombs we could hear and see everything from the house because they passed directly by us. I luckily was so tired that I could actually sleep last night. How do these Mexicans party soo much!!All night all day all week. It doesn't make sense to me but it sure was fun for a little while then I got super tired and was like Shhhhh....por favor estoy durmiendo! T: shhh please I am sleeping!

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