Monday, February 2, 2015

feliz día de tamales

A cloudy day in Mexico writing. I am really full of a delicious food called Carne asada. I am not sure how to spell it but it’s like a BBQ for Mexicans. Here its nopales (cactus), carne (meat), cotillos (wings), cebolla (onion), salsa (salsa) and tortillas. Tortillas fill me up a lot! They eat everything with tortillas. Speaking of food and how much I love it. I corazon <3 tamales. Today is a traditional catholic holiday and they eat tamales. We helped obispa (wife of the bishop) make tamales of various sabores (flavors) : chocolate, pineapple, regulars etc.yum! I have kind of lost my appetite for any food that isn't tamales. And I learned how to make them so I hope your all hungry? Well we had another dramatic week. We had a bunch of people ready to go to church and at the last minute they canceled, or didn't show up, or weren't in their house. Luis is someone very special we contacted in the street and he accepted baptism he has some doubts but he was working through them and progressing but Friday night his sister very aggressively told us to get lost and so...he isn't responding our calls :[ we are sad. We have lots of new investigators and are working on helping them keep their commitments! It’s helping my testimony to grow as I too am learning and understanding the importance of baptism, and how to receive answers. I am on my knees too pleading and asking and seeking. I know that this is the only true and everlasting gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am excited to keep learning and do the best I can every day. Thank you for your prayers. I love you all. Cuídense hasta luego.
Hermana Mleynek

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