Monday, November 17, 2014

Reading is Important

Dear Seres Queridos,
Monday-Thursday: I am not exactly sure what all happened sorry. My agenda I lost in a taxi returned! I was super happy because the agenda is your life in the mission! We have some awesome investigadores but hardly anyone progression. We are feeling optomistic about Silvestre and Sofia.
Friday: Weekly planning went crazy because the sister training leaders came to our house to do an intervention I don't feel like telling the details of that fun experience but we learned a lot about communication. I love them so much.

Saturday: Went by super duper quick we had very few hours but managed to cram in a bunch of work we had our stake conference. I think normally missionaries don't go to the Saturday session but our leaders told us to go and wow was it weird having all our zone their un buen de misioneros. The theme was members kick off those slippers and accompany the missionaries. It was pretty cool! Whoo! Darn those Elders robbing our food. My companion got a package from her mom and in it were these special beans and meat that are from Culiacan and E.Ponce or District Leader DL told us to bring him some and then another Elder from Culican se llama E.Smith hehe hes Mexican and he wanted some too so Sunday we brought him some too and now there aren't any. :( We tried super hard to bring people to the conference but people have so many excuses.

Sunday: I felt super bad no offense Catholics. So we went to our food appointment we only eat once at 2 pm I don't know if that's different from other missions. So the sister was with her husband who just got out of surgery and her mom gave us dinner and her mom isn't a member and all their family aren't members it was super awkward because they treated us like we were not apart of the club. We asked if we could pray on the food and they wanted us to read their recited prayer. So I read it but I ended it like a normal prayer with my own thoughts. And then they didn't pay any attention to us after when we wanted to share a scripture and when we invited them to listen they said no we are good. Grrr...and then the sister called us and said that we needed to drop by a bar to pick up our shoes that had been fixed the bar is owned by one of her friends but lets just say I felt very awkward this Sabbath. I love the Stake Conference. E.Anderson y Sis Reeves spoke about sacrifice and I loved the first speaker who compared the story in the bible of the golden serpent of how easy it was to be healed to how easy it is to heal ourselves by reading the scriptures everyday but its so easy we don't do it and perish. I especially liked when he said there is no excuse why you cant read the scriptures as a family every day. Wow! I think that must of stung a bit but in a good way.

I'm sorry I don't have more time to write. I am grateful for you all and love reading your letters every week! Its my favorite!
Paz y Amor,
Hermana Mleynek

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