Monday, November 3, 2014

Full of Thanksgiving

I know it isn’t the week of thanksgiving yet but I feel like I just want to thank God this week. I am thankful that He answers my prayers, that He has never abandoned me, that I can live in this beautiful world, that my family is so dang fantastic, that I have a wonderful and genuine companion, that He is soo patient, that He helps us All learn and we can learn from each other, For Food! I am thankful that I have feeling in my feet even when they just hurt, but hey I’m not in the hospital or anything. I am thankful for the Internet that makes speaking with Yall soo easy and that I can see with eyes your beautiful faces and funny Halloween costumes. I am thankful for the change in the seasons as uncomfortable as they seem. I am thankful for this past year and this time in my life to just serve. I am forever changed. I am thankful for my virtues and vices and the feelings of Joy, Hope that are very real and that build my faith. I am thankful for repentance and the atonement of Jesus Christ that strengthens me and help me do and be a little better every day. I am grateful that 4 new people came to church this Sunday. I am thankful that I can serve my brothers and sisters and understand through pain and joy a little of what the Lord feels for us and the importance of His gospel. I am thankful for the words of latter day prophets they are inspired and speak with and for God.

This week was awesome because we worked a lot we, talked with lots of people and we loved our neighbors. People understand me now, Por Fin! When I make jokes and stuff like today I got to be sarcastic it was awesome. We had a bit of a fiasco Sunday bringing Dennisse to church and NO She was drinking coffee! Hay Chihuahua this chickadee is taking lots of time. I felt like losing my mind when for the third time this week we just sat and listened to people rant for 45 minutes without starting a lesson! My comp is super patient and I am super stressed. It’s not a very good combo but don’t worry I am learning to take control of the situation and we are teaching more. I was called to teach not to listen to ghost stories or every little thing. It is important to listen. We can’t know what to say if we don’t listen but this is my greatest weakness right now finding a balance but I feel better and better every day as the Lord is helping me soo much to fulfill my calling. I know this time is so important. I know that if we feel we should do something and it is good it’s the spirit and if the words of scripture, hymns or words of the prophets come into mind that this is also an impression we should follow and immediately. The longer we wait to change the harder it is. I love you and hope you are well. Stay safe and enjoy life. Dia de muertes aqui en Mexico is creepy. The kids don’t dress up like ninja turtles or princesses or anything it’s like Chuckie and witches and horror masks but for the KIDS no!! If I was paying more attention I think I would have been scared but I am such a focused person that I didn’t really have time to feel scared. It’s funny the email program is in Spanish and it says that everything I type is spelled wrong. I am sure that there are a lot of spelling errors pero no tantos!

Hermana Mleynek

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