Monday, November 24, 2014

The Miracle of the Mission

Dearest people
I don't want to pack. I don't consider myself lazy or whinny or even very dramatic. But I really this transfer I might die carrying all my crap to Pachuca and then my new area. Noo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay enough of that. I had a very spiritually satisfying week. I was able to see a lot of improvements as less actives after years are in the chapel and they are listening and learning to strengthen their families. A lot of our investigadores still don't listen to us but I feel love and desire for them to come to church. 

I know this church is true. I know God has not left my companion and I alone. We have felt more energy and motivation and had a lot more harmony. I will never forget all that I have learned with sister Gonzalez. I am sad to say goodbye to Tlahue for now. In our zone training with Presidente I was called on to give my talk that I had prepared,...which I totally did not know what they were talking about and so I just got up there and did my best and yeah that was a fail but I think there must have been a reason because Nobody told me and another Elder also had to talk and he didn't know what to say either. I hope it was good. If anything I learned that I should pay more attention and study more diligently. 

Lots of funny stuff happened this week. We also had exchanges with the sister training leaders another surprise. We got blanched or burned by a less active totally rude. We had a crazy day Saturday and everything went late but despite all he fiasco I feel calm only one panic attack Sunday but my companion helps me when I feel super bad shes super chillax but also a powerful and animated teacher. I love sister Gonzalez! I love all of the beautiful and frustrating things about the mission. You all need to read the miracle of a mission by E.Holland. I promise you that you will see and feel differently about life and missionary work. I will treasure this talk forever.

I don't have much more time but I am thankful for you all in my life, for this time in my mission, for my heavenly father and savior Jesus Christ. I love you all stay safe and listen to the spirit. D&C 50
-Hermana MLeynek

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