Monday, December 1, 2014

Cayenne really works..just saying

Hola Familia. Como estan?!

Every new area has unique blessings and challenges. I am really happy here I think I would give this area two descriptions exciting and drama. You'd need a U-haul and a team of horses to drag me into a mess of drama. Yo odio drama. hehe.

My new companions name is Sis. Peñalosa from Cornavaca Mexico! She is a fireball but super super cool. She gets laugh attacks that are super funny. I continue on in the work and have gotten to know all the investigadores and members.

We had pocos lecciones this week but we've been searching for new investigadores and we found some and feel hopeful. My other area was a reference machine and this week we've received 6 references and sister Peñalosa said that they'd never had 1 reference in the 2 cycles that have past the truth is that she forgets to ask everyone, so I am helping her get better. She is a powerful teacher and we love to work. She has a lot of initiative which I love no one needs to tell her to get moving and I am the same so we've walked a lot!!!!! this week! I am loving the ward but the jovenes youth all want to be super buddies with me and iam like hold on no fist bumps please. Hehe.

Ahhh this cyber is playing 90's pop No!!!! Anyway our house is freezing cold I got sick when I got here but I snorted Cayenne pepper up my nose and now I am better within 3 days. It works people, thanks dad :) so yeah I feel super happy working lots here!

They give us so much food here I am eating a bowl of special K and a banana every morning and not buying any snacks in the street but they give you soo much to eat every house and appointment its sweets and bread and deserts and pancakes and fruit and no se que mas. Don't judge me if I get a little fat here its rude to refuse food here as much as I would like to for the sake of time and my figure. But oh well.

Thank you for all your prayers and loving notes. I hope you all share with your friends and family about the He is the Gift video and page "" that the church is sharing with the world. There is even a page that you can put photos on your Facebook. I highly recommend that you share with anyone and everyone about this beautiful message the first and lasting gift of Christmas His son Jesus Christ. I love Him and I love sharing His gospel. These are the best times for my life. I cant say enough about how grateful I am for my mission.

Stay safe and beautiful inside and out. Hasta ver. Les amo mucho!
Hermana Mleynek

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