Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spiritual Gifts

Okay so I thought writing letters to the family would be a breeze but so far I have been struggling. Thank you for your patience with me, feel free to post of share my letters with anyone who might be interested I don't even have a lot of e-mails of family members. Gracias.

Dear familia,
Gracias por sus oraciones. I am doing very well. The days go by quick and every day I get more and more excited to get to Mexico. I have the most amazing Branch President. Without fail every time I hear him speak everyone in the Room gets out a notebook and paper to write down his amazing spiritual and scriptural guidance.

Yesterday my district and zone were have some what we call three three problems....not really problems but just focusing issues. This was discouraging but at times when I would read the scriptures or prepare my lessons I would feel the whispering of the spirit that  would sustain me through the day. I must testify of the reality of this. As I become absorbed in the Fathers will my words, thoughts and action are directly guided. I am beginning to see how subtly the spirit works in my life.

I love the word Humble, it means to me that I am intently aware of my reliance on God, and paired with love and faith in my God brings me to miraculous growth and experiences in my life. I tend to be a person caught up in the details, I like the analyze but the spirit is my most important tool. As a missionary I strive to get out of the way and let the spirit teach. These are the most amazing lessons when this happens.

This week I have been able to see two amazing spiritual gifts work in my life.
1. The power of discernment- To be able to discern or distinguish what each and ever person I come in contact needs and feelings...not that I really know but I can receive a feeling that prompts me to ask an inspired question- Then IF I listen to the investigator and the spirit I can understand what to teach. It is a dance of faith and beautiful thing to be a part of. I know more than ever, that this is not my Work, this is the Lord's work and I am laboring in His vineyard WITH him. Without the spirit I cannot teach.
2. The gift of tongues- I have been able to communicate and teach in Spanish the entire time I have been here at the MTC and have improved A LOT! This is absolutely amazing to me and I know this would not be possible without this gift, that I ask for and work for daily. I am feeling more confident.

My district is my family and my companion...kind of like a spouse Hehe :D or a best friend. I am so grateful for the light of Christ that is within us all. I can feel and sense the spirits of those around me and I only feel desire to help them. I am sad for the suffering of those who do not have the gospel and know the Lord is knocking in their life. I may not relate to the struggles some have but I can connect on a spiritual level. I have to say not bragging or anything I am not perfect and others have strengths I learn from, but I have to be the most focused missionary in our district. I am on the Lords time, I know it, I live it, I love it. I give thanks in mighty prayer every night for the Lords patience and the life that I am given.

My family has been a great support and comfort to me on my mission as well as my whole life. I am so grateful for the Mleyneks, the Richards, The Christiansons, the Andersons, and the Leglers (including Gabittas...sorry I can't spell that). I know the family is ordained of God and being in the temple strengthens me in ways I can't even understand.

I had a wonderful MTC Thanksgiving the whole day was absolutely amazing. My day began by listening to an apostole of the Lord, Russell M Nelson. It never matters which apostole it is the HG burns my heart everytime I am in one of their presence.

I wish I could write more, but probably everyone is getting board of me :D
I love you all and am so grateful for the wise council I have receive from you, your prayers and the priesthood. These are the best 18 months and I plan to keep it going forever and ever. Happy Holidays, 10 Days till Mexico!!! I can count that On my fingers! Ahh!

Hermana Mleyenk

P.S. I do not like the snow, I almost fall over all the time

Me and Hna. Daines (mi compenera) in the snow we play in it 

Me sitting in the room where I practice teaching my
 investigators...I am so happy there.

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