Monday, December 30, 2013

Tough Week

This week has been tough but with much personal rewarding feelings. More than ever I love the Savior and his role in all of our lives. Me and my companion have been struggling physically. She is cold and then got sick, then I got sick then better then she is sick again right now.

I am becoming a lot more familiar with the area and the people. It is difficult to remember/ hear the names of the people so I have to work twice as hard. I understand the words in Spanish A LOT more this week but I can't yet put them together in my head to make sense. The time will come though I need to have patience.

Like clockwork ever Saturday Morning I feel the uncontrollable urge to cry A LOT. I think it scares my companion but she says every night of her first month she cried and shes amazing so I am very optimistic.

I love the people here very much but we are experience some very normal frustrations. We only have one investigator and were not able to make contact with her this week. We have been visiting more and more less actives of which their are a lot even on our very street. I am going to try and keep up this week and figure out what people are saying but otherwise we just need to keep working and sharing the love and blessings of the Gospel.

I am so grateful to be a missionary.
- Hna. Mleynek

Sister Mleynek and her cousin Anthony Peterson



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