Sunday, December 1, 2013


My hunger for the scriptures has increased so much. Going along with the food analogy: everyday I am starving for the scriptures and I scarf as much as I can down. I know the Lord is trying to prepare me. As l am willing and obedient I know I can do all things. This mission is not about me.

I want everyone who read this to know that I know this church is Christ's church. I know that God is our Father in Heaven. I know that he loves me and I know that he loves you. He has prepared the way for us even before the foundation of this world. God is there in everything - we just need to look. I am finally waking up and I see live so differently now. I have been able to do the impossible. There is now such thing as coincidences. The Lord guides us to happiness and always wants what's best for us. We are His family and He wants to be close always. With this knowledge I will skip happily to Mexico to save our Eternal Family, my brothers and sisters.

Her motto for the week: Look at life through the lens of the scriptures - "I invite you all to ponder this."

Thanksgiving Temple walk

Elder Russon's Birthday we got him cupcakes from Brigham's Landing on P'day

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