Monday, December 23, 2013

First Week in Mexico

I'm sure you are all very excited to hear how my time in Mexico is going and I´d love to tell you. It is amazing to be a missionary. The work is even more busy and taxing than I was expecting. I am a person very prone to anxiety and my companion has been the perfect person. I know God loves me because he gave me the angel Sister Cebreros. She is the best missionary I believe in Mexico. Together we are doing a lot of Good.

Everyday this week we have met with Rafa who was my first baptism and I was walking on clouds. He is going to be an excellent member of the church.

I am learning a lot and adjusting well. I feel very at home with the people of Mexico. They will always be near and dear in my heart. There are still some interesting difference that I am getting used to. Everyone kisses on the cheeks here women only for missionaries. In the street you can´t look at or talk to men...which is weird for me because I am a very smiley and bubbly person. Also there are some scary stuff here, and the "sidewalks" are so bad here that if you look away for a second you´ll break something...I have tripped a couple of times but nothing too bad.

I swear my idea of work keeps changing everyday. Iy iy iy this is a wonderful calling!
IMPORTANT NOTE I can´t print out e-mails so it would be GREAT if y'all could send emails AND a letter through it is a great site...they print the letters for you and all is well <3 I don´t know how to use this keyboard.

Okay so my challenge this week = overcoming negative thoughts about myself and trying to be patient as I am learning how to be a missionary and speak Spanish

My Success for the Week= turning on the gas water heater...jk and last night were visiting a MA menos Activo and I shared a scripture I don´t know why and then I explained it and everyone in the room was crying and honestly I was astonished I had no idea what I said and then the member with us told the woman I had only been there 4 days and that I was an expert at spanish.

Okay I have to go now much work to be done love you all

Hna Mleynek

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